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Light some sage and pop your popcorn, drag comedian Roz Drezfalez is getting spooky! Though far from an expert on the paranormal, Roz explores her curiosity of things that go “bump” in the night with celebrity guests, psychics, and everyday people. R...Show More
Justin Martindale

1:04:11 | Aug 1st

The hilarious Justin Martindale chats with Roz about the haunted history of The World Famous Comedy Store on The Sunset Strip, and some of those ghosts are truly no joke! Do you have a real-life ghost story for Roz to read on the air? Please rate Gho...Show More
Tipper Newton

56:27 | Jul 25th

Did Roz get ghosted for real this week? TWICE?! First we hear about her stay at an allegedly haunted bed and breakfast over the weekend, and then Roz sits down with a dear friend, TV’s Tipper Newton, to dish about a recent seance that they both parti...Show More
Gunnar Deatherage

48:36 | Jul 18th

GIRL this week Project Runway All Star and designer to the stars Gunnar Deatherage is here to share all kinds of scary stories! Warning: his story of a real life shared dream experience is one of the spookiest tales Roz has ever heard!Do you have a r...Show More
Greta Titelman

1:02:38 | Jul 11th

Greta Titelman of HBO’s “Los Espookys” is one of comedy’s best, she is the host of “The Worst”, and girrrl does she have some espooky tales to tell! We get into her historic childhood home, a little girl ghost that flushes toilets, and a mysterious m...Show More
Johnny Pemberton & Tom Lenk

55:32 | Jun 27th

This week we get a double dose of spooky when comedian Johnny Pemberton stops by to talk about a time he may have been possessed, and viral superstar/actor Tom Lenk tells the tale of a cheeky ghost in a former home!Do you have a real-life ghost story...Show More
Bridget Marquardt

1:04:16 | Jun 20th

Roz is joined by former cast member of E!’s “The Girls Next Door” and host of the podcast Ghost Magnet, Bridget Marquardt! She is non only a bombshell, but an experienced paranormal investigator! She tell us about the ghosts of The Playboy Mansion, T...Show More
Jai Rodriguez

54:33 | Jun 13th

Hotel ghost conjurer Jai Rodriguez joins Roz to retell his experience from “Celebrity Ghost Stories”. We hear about the male ghost in a motel room that visited his family, his experience at Zak Bagan’s The Haunted Museum, and a Key West ghost lady! D...Show More
Katrina Weidman

1:01:42 | Jun 6th

HELL yeah! Professional paranormal investigator Katrina Weidman is in the studio to talk about her truly terrifying experiences since childhood, her relationship with Loraine Warren, and the new show that she cohosts with Jack Osbourne, “Portals To H...Show More
Jasmine Masters

50:17 | May 30th

And I’m spooked! The hilarious viral star of Rupaul’s Drag Race Jasmine Masters stops by to tell us about being visited by a family member, a frightening ouija board experience, and even a haunted gay bar!Do you have a real-life ghost story for Roz t...Show More
Darren Stein

53:23 | May 23rd

Writer/director Darren Stein (Jawbreaker) stops by to share about a possible demon latching on to him, and Roz digs deep into the world of haunted objects for sale on Ebay!Do you have a real-life ghost story for Roz to read on the air? Please rate Gh...Show More
Psychic Medium, Bill Philipps

47:15 | May 16th

At last we are joined by a real psychic medium!! Orange County, CA’s Bill Philipps is on the show to clear up some of the questions about ghosts that have been filling Roz’s wig head for years! Go read Bill’s new book “Signs From The Other Side” to l...Show More
Jackie Beat, Sherry Vine and Pandora Boxx

1:02:58 | May 9th

DRAG QUEEN TAKE OVER! Ahhh!!! Roz’s fairy dragmothers Jackie Beat and Sherry Vine share stories about friendly spirits but also a visit from The Devil himself. PLUS Pandora Boxx (Rupaul’s Drag Race) stops by to tell us about her experiences with Ouij...Show More
Cassandra Peterson aka Elvira

56:41 | May 2nd

THE MISTRESS OF THE DARK IS IN THE (haunted) HOUSE!! Roz sits down with her #1 idol Cassandra Peterson aka Elvira Mistress Of The Dark to hear all out her former haunted home in the Hollywood Hills. Do you have a real-life ghost story for Roz to read...Show More
Rain Phoenix

1:01:15 | Apr 25th

Musician/actor Rain Phoenix stops by to share a purrrfect tale about her experience living in a haunted Florida apartment. As cool as Rain is, of course she came in with one of the spookiest stories we’ve heard yet!Do you have a real-life ghost story...Show More
Billie Lee

42:15 | Apr 18th

Roz is joined by Billie Lee of “Vanderpump Rules” to hear about her sexual encounter with a ghost! After some digging online, Roz finds out all about sex with ghosts and learns that Billie isn’t the only celeb that has gotten freaky with the spooky. ...Show More
Sharon Houston and Jackie Johnson

53:32 | Apr 11th

Double the spoOoky double the fun! This week Roz is joined by TWO guests: comedian/producer Sharon Houston, and host of the podcast “Natch Beaut” Jackie Johnson! You’ll hear about Sharon’s haunted NYC apartment and Jackie shares the story of a family...Show More
Kim Chi

49:07 | Apr 4th

Ooo honey this week Roz is joined by drag superstar Kim Chi (Rupaul’s Drag Race) to hear a bit about ghostly Korean folklore! Though Kim has never officially experienced the paranormal herself, Roz finds out what kind of ghost Kim will one day be, ho...Show More
David Oman

1:26:06 | Mar 28th

Ever heard of Cielo Drive? Its the infamous private drive in Los Angeles most known as the site of one of Hollywood’s most horrific murders. This week Roz is joined by David Oman, a homeowner on that very street to talk about his house which has been...Show More
Meg Molloy

1:02:18 | Mar 21st

Roz is joined by friend Meg Molloy of “The Soft Spot” podcast to talk about white witches, New Orleans spirits, sleep paralysis, and even The Black Dahlia! Do you have a real-life ghost story for Roz to read on the air? Please rate Ghosted! 5 stars o...Show More
Peaches Christ

59:19 | Mar 14th

Back from a successful tour of the new comedy stage show “Mean Gays”, Roz is joined in the studio by the writer/director/co-star of the show; drag icon Peaches Christ! Peaches shares the tale of the mysterious “lady” that frequently made visits in he...Show More
Mary Lynn Rajskub

50:51 | Mar 7th

At last Roz has gotten the first of (hopefully) many interviews with a “Celebrity Ghost Stories” alum, the hilarious Mary Lynn Rajskub (24, Night School)! The two of them chuckle their way through another spooky episode and read a few new listener st...Show More
Sam Pancake

46:22 | Feb 28th

On this episode Roz checks into Colorado’s Stanley Hotel, and hears a few eerie tales from her hilarious bff, actor/comedian Sam Pancake (A Million Little Things, Dumplin’).Do you have a real-life ghost story for Roz to read on the air? Please rate G...Show More
Selene Luna

55:10 | Feb 21st

This week Roz shares her jealousy of the “Dear David” saga and sits down with her dear friend Selene Luna of Disney/Pixar’s “Coco”! Ever had a ghost lady levitate by your bed at night? Well Selene has! Do you have a real-life ghost story for Roz to r...Show More
Kyle Ayers

1:02:28 | Feb 14th

Legend has it that every hometown has an urban legend, and Roz shares the story of "The Ada Witch" from her birthplace of Grand Rapids, MI! Kyle Ayres (Never Seen It podcast) stops by to share his terrifying experience at Kansan' Stull Cemetery!Do yo...Show More
Debra Wilson

59:29 | Feb 7th

On this episode Roz talks about the cursed film script “Atuk”, conjures up Mad TV’s legendary comedic actress DEBRA WILSON, and NUN of  you will believe who else shows up! Do you have a real-life ghost story for Roz to read on the air? Please rate Gh...Show More
Introducing Ghosted by Roz Drezfalez

16:34 | Jan 28th

Did you just hear that? Drag queen comedian Roz Drezfalez has a spooky new podcast about real ga-ga-ga-GHOSTS! On this preview episode you’ll meet your hostess and hear one of her eeriest personal tales of the paranormal involving a haunted antique O...Show More