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Ask Your Editor Writing Podcast

Amanda Edens

Ask Your Editor is a WRITING podcast for WRITERS, discussing the writing process, the writer's life, and other creative writing topics from the perspective of two fabulous ladies: one experienced writer and a developmental editor of fiction.
Do I Need a Writing/English Degree to Be a Writer?

32:46 | Apr 16th

Will a degree help my writing? Is it even worth it? Well, the answer is that it depends on what you want to get out of it. Abby and Amanda talk about their experiences in academia to shed some light on going to college for writing. Full show notes...Show More
How Do I Beat Writer's Block?

40:25 | Mar 12th

Abby has a controversial opinion about writer's block. Listen to find out what it is plus tips on how to beat writer's block. Full show notes (including things mentioned on the show) can be found at askyoureditor.com/writers-block
How Do I Overcome Imposter Syndrome With My Writing?

38:07 | Feb 25th

Thoughts such as "What if my writing isn't good enough?" will only hurt your writing in the long run. How can writers overcome imposter syndrome? Note: The 'making the bed' example was not Coach Carter but rather advice from Admiral William H. McR...Show More
How Do I Write the Beginning?

32:29 | Feb 12th

What makes a good beginning when writing a novel? How do you unearth the beginning, knowing how important it is to hook the reader and pack a punch? Trigger warnings: Domestic abuse 12:26 - 14:14. Sexual violence 22:07 - 23:09. Full show notes ...Show More
Can I Draw from Real Life for My Fiction?

23:15 | Jan 29th

Is it okay to pull something you experienced in real life from your fiction? Do you need consent to do it? Will it be a legal problem if I write badly about someone? Full show notes (including things mentioned on the show) can be found at askyoure...Show More
Should I Outline My Novel? (Plotters vs. Pantsers)

28:58 | Jan 29th

What type of writing process works for you? Should you outline your novel or just free write? Who has the better process: plotters or pantsers? Full show notes (including things mentioned on the show) can be found at askyoureditor.com/writing-proc...Show More
What Is the Ask Your Editor Podcast?

29:14 | Jan 29th

What is the Ask Your Editor podcast, and what can you expect from the show? Who are the hosts? Are they even qualified to provide advice? You decide. Full show notes (including things mentioned on the show) can be found at askyoureditor.com/what-i...Show More