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#23 Gas price study; the historic Judd Farm; Garibaldi at Squamish wants to be let in

19:27 | Jul 12th

After hearing constant complaints about gas prices being too high, MLA Jordan Sturdy took upon himself to monitor the differences in gas prices between Squamish and North Vancouver. Here's what he found. A look inside Squamish's historic Judd Farm...Show More
#22 Fatal fall from the Chief; Shannon Falls anniversary; the revised vanlife bylaw; Carbon Engineering gets $25M

24:08 | Jun 28th

A fatal fall from the Stawamus Chief and the one-year anniversary of the Shannon Falls accident. Full story: We also discuss the revised version of the camping bylaw that mobilized a vanlife campaign in Squamish. Full stor...Show More
#21 Business park freeze; School board age & vaccination policy; two farewells

15:37 | Jun 21st

Council has passed what's intended to be a temporary freeze on further commercial activity in the business park. We bring you some highlight from the public meeting where many entrepreneurs spoke out against the measure. Full story: More
#20 - A goodbye to the current local MP; potential Sea to Sky Green Party candidates; short term rentals

21:24 | Jun 14th

It's the first of many episodes featuring federal elections politics. As the 2019 campaign starts ramping up we talk with some key players. MP Pamela Goldsmith-Jones is leaving. We share excerpts of her exit interview with The Chief. Full stor...Show More
#19 Pie the principal; workplace incident; new restaurant at former Mag's location

21:08 | Jun 7th

Kids at Mamquam Elementary get to live every student's dream — shoving pie at the principal's face. Following an event on Third Avenue, we examine why reporting on workplace incidents is necessary. Full story: A new rest...Show More
Special edition: an extended interview with Everest climber Clayton Matthews

18:18 | May 31st

As part of a special edition of The Squamish Sound, we're releasing an extended interview with Clayton Matthews. Matthews recently climbed to the top of Mount Everest. He shares his thoughts on the trip and the overcrowding photo that went viral.
#18 Climbing Mount Everest; getting a vehicle ready for vanlife

21:41 | May 31st

Local climber Clayton Matthews has made it to the top of the world — literally. After making it to the top of Mount Everest, he's sharing his perspective on making the ultimate ascent, the crowding crisis and more. Full story: More
#17 Beer and Cannabis goggles and Van life at stake

22:30 | May 24th

We've all heard of beer goggles, but there's a new THC-inspired set of eyewear in town — and it was helping local youths learn about impaired driving. Story: A new bylaw have many fearing van life is at stake. We take a dee...Show More
#16 Britannia goes BOOM; Junior firefighters; Jamey-Lyn Horth's new MMA debut; David Roulston on the District's dikes

15:40 | May 17th

Britannia Mine Museum has a new exhibit that brings us back to its glory days as a mine. Story: Junior firefighters are put to the test! We talk to them about their first experience fighting fires. Photo gallery: https://b...Show More
#15 MMIWG, Cole Smith at the UFC, Squamish Axemen, Leo-award nominated actor and the Constellation Festival

19:16 | May 10th

Squamish students raise their voices to share awareness about the Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women and Girls. Story: Cole Smith talks to us about his UFC win. Smith the first Squamish MMA fighter to rise to the highest...Show More
#14 Farewell to Nexen Beach; work on the Spit and Gem Jewellers

11:12 | May 3rd

As crews dismantle the old structures on the oceanfront, we take a tour and a deep dive into the history of Nexen (now Newport) Beach. Coun. Eric Andersen provides some historical background. Story: Also, a quick overview o...Show More
#13 A front page at Everest & why dissenting voices don't always get covered

11:17 | Apr 26th

The Chief is at Everest's base camp! Well, kind of. We talk about Clayton Matthews' adventure, and what he brought along for the ride. Have a look: Also, many people have been asking us why opinions against certain proposal...Show More
#12 Another proposal for Brohm Ridge? Plus property tax rates have been set

10:51 | Apr 19th

We're taking Friday off, but don't worry. You still get to hear us in time for the Easter holiday — and earlier! Garibaldi at Squamish isn't the only one proposing a development at Brohm Ridge. We talk about the possibility of a wilderness lodge i...Show More
#11 Fire and Ice - Cannabis grow-op in flames and Game of Thrones in Squamish

15:36 | Apr 12th

Behind the scenes details on what it was like to report on the cannabis grow-op fire. Full story: PHOTOS: Winter is here. A Squamish artist was commissioned to make art for the Game of Thrones TV s...Show More
#10 Squamish Nation woman found dead & Squamish's 2019 budget

19:47 | Apr 5th

A discussion on which facts are most important when examining the death of Lila Moody-Ogilvie, a Squamish Nation woman. Full stories: Also, we break down the 2019 municipal budget, which has recently...Show More
#9 Who let the dogs out? Sports and boat reefs

13:45 | Mar 29th

Council has been debating the merits of fenced off-leash dog parks versus designating off-leash zones. We talk about the key differences. Full story: Also, in light of our flood of sports stories this week, we discuss what ...Show More
#8: Vaccines, fentanyl and Facebook

15:42 | Mar 22nd

After possible measles exposure, Squamish residents responded — with a more than 500 per cent vaccination increase. Full story: When drugs containing fentanyl were found near a Squamish elementary, locals — including the RCMP — fou...Show More
#7 Andrew Wilkinson visits & regarding poop in the Squamish Valley

15:22 | Mar 16th

BC Liberal leader Andrew Wilkinson and local MLA Jordan Sturdy drop into The Chief's office for a conversation. We talk about Wilkinson's recent "wacky" rental remarks in relation to Squamish's housing crisis and the legislature spending allegations,...Show More
#6 Temporary work camp in Britannia and vaccination rates

16:17 | Mar 8th

Was a public meeting about a proposed temporary work camp in Britannia all that 'fiery'? Also, why does Steven write funny? Full story: And — a deeper dive into what school vaccination rates tell us. What are zero vaccinatio...Show More
#5 Flood danger 'unacceptable' and the loopholes of accessible parking

09:10 | Mar 1st

Flood danger in Year 2100 conditions is 'unacceptable' according to a new report. Here's why that matters now. Full story: There are some big loopholes that allow people without permits to take accessible parking spots. This...Show More
#4 Squamish bans plastic bags and straws

14:20 | Feb 22nd

Squamish is banning plastic bags and straws by the end of 2019. We discuss some of the complications. Full story: Are labels for some students' learning and behavioural conditions stigmatizing or necessary? Full story: http...Show More
#3 Saving Squamish Industrial Space

10:31 | Feb 15th

Light industrial businesses are in danger of slowly being crowded out of Squamish. Full story: What does skiing say about society? A Quest professor delves into the question. Full story:
#2 Sea to Tree to Sky

13:06 | Feb 8th

Two proposed nature walkway developments could add major tourist attractions to the Squamish area. WorkSafeBC responds after a winter storm tears off a tarp on a downtown construction site.
#1 Pilot

16:54 | Feb 5th

RCMP bust Squamish's most notorious fentanyl dealer. Why School District 48's enrolment numbers can look higher than they are. E-bikes appear at the GranFondo. A sad turn for a beloved single mom.