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Mostly Musicals

Mostly Musicals

We like musicals and we'll talk about them, mostly.
The Phantom of the Opera

2:02:15 | Apr 22nd

The musical that started it all! In today’s episode we discuss Andrew Lloyd Webber’s magnum opus, The Phantom of the Opera. We talk rat armies, lighting logistics, and the physics of the Phantom’s magical half-mask. Strap in for a (lengthy) wild ride...Show More
The Sound of Music

1:45:46 | Mar 19th

This week on Mostly Musicals, we tackle one of the most popular musicals involving Nazis and Nuns – that’s right, we are talking about The Sound of Music! Created, assumedly, just to show that Julie Andrews can run and sing at the same time, we explo...Show More
Beauty and the Beast

1:25:38 | Feb 25th

In today’s episode, join Kaitlin and Cassie as they explore why Ewan McGregor’s French accent should have been better in Disney’s live action version of Beauty and the Beast (wasn’t he married to a French woman for like 20 years??). Other musings inc...Show More
Moulin Rouge!

1:27:28 | Feb 18th

In this episode of Mostly Musicals, join Kaitlin and Cassie as they travel back in time to chill with Nicole Kidman in a giant elephant. That's right, we're discussing the Baz Luhrmann acid flashback that is Moulin Rouge! Is it a good idea to take ab...Show More
Meet Me in St. Louis

1:25:30 | Feb 11th

In this episode of Mostly Musicals, join Kaitlin and Cassie as they dive Toostie Wootsie into a Judy Garland classic. Who wears that many layers to play tennis? Where are John Truitt's parents? And why can't he get that stupid tuxedo from the tailor?...Show More