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Colored Lens

Aria Collins


Take a look at life through a colored lens...Colored Lens discusses the representation of minority groups in the entertainment industry and popular culture while exploring the minorities who are trying to break into the entertainment industry such as...Show More


13:48 | May 28th

Many of us have been taught to look at success based on our career path or material wealth such as cars, home, and money. In this episode, Aria shares her insights on this outlook of life. How do you ...Show More

02:36 | May 28th

Here's how you can a win $25 gift card with Colored Lens Podcast.1. Must be following Colored Lens Podcast on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter (@coloredlenspod)2. Must listen to at least one episode of ...Show More
Get the best podcast recommendations in your inbox every week. 😎

10:06 | Apr 24th

In general, we all got a list of things that we want to get done whether we're the type to write them down or keep it all in our heads - we all got things to do. In this episode, Aria talks about the ...Show More

56:59 | Apr 13th

Massiel Encarnación, known as Massi, stopped by Colored Lens Podcast to discuss the affects online media has on our body image and insecurities. As an online coach that focuses primarily on women of c...Show More

19:19 | Mar 16th

Aria discusses how the media industry is being affected by the COVID-19 outbreak and how some are taking an unfortunate advantage of the outbreak. Let's talk about different aspects of the industry th...Show More
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