Hello Monday


Welcome to Hello Monday – a show where senior editor at large Jessi Hempel investigates how we’re changing the nature of work, and how that work is changing us. What does work mean to us? Should we love what we do? How do we make sure we still have j...Show More

29:18 | Feb 24th

Ten years ago, Robbi and Matthew ditched the corporate grind and moved into a barn where they made art. They didn't chase success, but it found them. Now, they're planning to travel the country with t...Show More

26:29 | Feb 17th

This week, Hello Monday hops in the way-back machine to revisit one of our very first episodes. Best-selling author Elizabeth Gilbert (EAT PRAY LOVE, BIG MAGIC, CITY OF GIRLS) shares her perspective o...Show More
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29:30 | Feb 10th

Judd Apatow has known since childhood that he wanted his career to be in comedy. How he worked to become a force in the industry – and what that journey taught him – forms the core of this in-depth in...Show More

21:02 | Feb 3rd

After Wonder Woman made more than $800 million dollars at the box office, director Patty Jenkins fought hard to be paid equitably to direct the sequel. When she prevailed, she became the highest-earni...Show More

26:58 | Jan 27th

The economy is shifting dramatically. Technology, automation, and rising inequality are restructuring companies and reconstituting our notion of jobs. Over several decades of covering the impact of th...Show More
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