Monster Presents: Insomniac

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What happens when you immerse yourself in true crime, night after night, digging deeper into the lives of serial killers? What are the consequences to a person's psyche? From iHeartRadio and TenderfootTV comes a new podcast about twisted serial kille...Show More

24:33 | Aug 13th, 2019

Dean Corll liked to give free candy to the kids, especially the young boys, and he loved throwing parties for the teens. So why was he often seen digging at night near the candy shop? Learn more about...Show More

cesarm recommended:

Of all the serial killers that Mindhunter Season 2 covers this is probably the least known but by no means less horrific. Good companion pie...Show More

02:00 | Dec 16th, 2019

One crime, four suspects, 20 million fans, can you SOLVE the case? Listen now everywhere podcasts are found: Learn more about your ad-choices at More
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02:57 | Dec 4th, 2019

Host Rainbow Valentine discovers her artist mom and 'businessman' dad were deeply involved in the illegal drug trade and unknowingly spent her childhood among a massive pot distribution operation. As ...Show More

01:35 | Oct 24th, 2019

In January of 1989 the director of Oregon’s Department of Corrections, Michael Francke, was brutally stabbed to death outside his office in Salem. The murder was quickly ruled a “car burglary gone wro...Show More

02:09 | Sep 16th, 2019

Five years ago, journalist Jasmyn Morris discovered a book called Hit Man: A Technical Manual for Independent Contractors, and the fact that it’d been used to commit a triple murder. From iHeart Radio...Show More
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