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The Wild



Chris Morgan takes listeners around the world to Italy, Germany and his own  backyard of the Pacific Northwest to explore the beauty and wonder of the outdoors and its inhabitants. From beavers to wolves to grizzly bears we experience up close the re...Show More


28:28 | Jun 2nd

I love scat. Excrement, feces, it what you will, when you’re a wildlife guy this stuff is a goldmine of information. There’s even a technical term for the study of it - scatology. Out in t...Show More
Get the best podcast recommendations in your inbox every week. 😎

29:57 | May 19th

One man in Scotland is on a mission. He wants to rewild the Scottish Highlands. His plan includes planting more than a million trees. But it is not just about the trees, it is about a whole ecosystem ...Show More

28:36 | May 5th

It takes a lot of resources to produce these stories. If you are able, I’d like you to consider making a donation of any size to help support this work. Find out more information at our donation page....Show More

30:28 | Apr 28th

We’ll be back next week with a new episode, but this week we wanted to share an episode from one of our favorite podcasts called Sidedoor. Sidedoor is brought to you by the Smithsonian Institution. Th...Show More
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