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RNZ: The Worst Sitcom Ever Made


Geoff Houtman was part of the team that created the worst sitcom ever made. It's haunted him for 25 years. Now he's on a quest to find out what went wrong and to see what lessons we can learn about failure in general.


20:51 | Apr 30th, 2019

So how did the failure that was Melody Rules affect the people involved? In this final episode, Geoff's on the road to find out and to discover what he's learned about himself and his perceived failur...Show More

22:38 | Apr 24th, 2019

What were the Network people thinking when they made Melody Rules? Geoff gets their - surprisingly positive - take on the experience.
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20:49 | Apr 16th, 2019

Melody Rules is finally unleashed on a hyped-up New Zealand public and is greeted with virtual (and actual) hostility.

24:05 | Apr 9th, 2019

Geoff tracks down John Vorhaus, the sitcom guru. How did John get the job of training the young writers and what did he make of it all?

21:57 | Apr 2nd, 2019

Geoff tracks down the man who directed all 40 episodes of Melody Rules and hears about the challenges he faced: inexperience,arguments with the actors, news cameras on loan, making a sitcom in a broom...Show More
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