Hush Money


Let’s talk about money — but not *boring* money. Entrepreneur editor-in-chief Jason Feifer and money expert Nicole Lapin go straight at the most taboo, awkward situations where money impacts our lives, relationships, and careers. In each episode they...Show More

34:38 | Sep 18th, 2019

We work hard… so how do we get more money? Nicole has a detailed plan to get the raise you want, Jason urges people to quit their jobs, and then cupcake queen Melissa Ben-Ishay reveals what it takes t...Show More

37:36 | Aug 21st, 2019

What would you do if you hired your sibling, but now have to fire them? Jason and Nicole debate whether to keep business and family separate and what to do when it all goes sour. Then celebrated fashi...Show More

cesarm recommended:

New show alert! The concept is interesting. Two host debate a topic on business. In the pilot episode they discuss a real case about if you ...Show More

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41:25 | Jan 22nd

When you share a life, should you also share your bank account? Nicole and Jason hear from a woman who almost made a horrible mistake, debate if a couple should have one or two (or three!) accounts, a...Show More

34:26 | Nov 6th, 2019

Are luxury goods worth the cost—or, let’s be honest, are you just showing off? Nicole and Jason hear from a man who figured out how to buy high-end cars on the cheap, debate the real value of top-doll...Show More

34:34 | Oct 30th, 2019

Nobody can agree on the rules for tipping—so should we get rid of it? Nicole and Jason debate the best way to tip, hear from a Starbucks barista who’d be happy to get a penny, and then learn the tippi...Show More
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