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Real aka truth

Real aka truth


Real AKA Truth is a biracial podcast that speaks nothing but the real truth about trending topics, celebrity news, sports, music, life, the world around us and more through a black and white eyed standpoint while being wise yet also hilarious on soci...Show More


1:29:29 | May 3rd

In this episode the "Real aka truth" guys Muff & Nick start off talking about why Nick is continuing to get ghosted by girls over & over. They then dive into the trending topics, new music & celebrity...Show More

1:47:20 | Apr 25th

In this 2/3 Real aka truth cast episode w/ Muff & Nick they're joined early via phone call by a girl nick-named "J-Tinder" who tells about her sexual experience w/ Nick... J-Tinder did confirm what al...Show More
Get the best podcast recommendations in your inbox every week. 😎

2:07:38 | Apr 18th

In this 2/3 Real aka truth cast we're joined by the usual dynamic duo Muff aka M-U Double & N to the I to the C to the K, Nick Nick Nick na Nick Nick Nick. In this episode the guys discuss trending to...Show More

1:19:59 | Apr 10th

In this "Real aka truth" episode with Muff & Nick the guys discuss the past weeks trending topics/celebrity news such as; CoronaVirus, R Kelly, Tekashi 6ix9ine, Quibi's app launch, movies, AMC taking ...Show More

1:02:14 | Apr 3rd

In this bonus episode you'll hear our co-host Nick have a 1 on 1 interview w/ a man by the name of JC Gordon. Nick found JC Gordon's name on a podcast guest list via email. JC Gordon's story stuck out...Show More
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