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In A City Like Yours

IN A CITY LIKE YOURS is a semimonthly podcast hosted by Michael G. Moore. His goal is to bring the life stories of interesting everyday people to his listeners. These people are just like individuals living IN A CITY LIKE YOURS.

53:21 | Sep 23rd

On this, the second episode in honor of September being the National Alcohol & Drug Addiction Recovery Month, I chat with Scott, who has over thirty years sobriety under his belt. Join us as we discuss his recovery story and how the world of recovery...Show More

1:06:07 | Sep 8th

On this episode, in honor of September being the National Alcohol & Drug Addiction Recovery Month, I speak with two individuals who have been personally touched by addiction. First, I talk with Sarah, who has dealt with alcoholism in her family and w...Show More
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26:49 | Aug 23rd

On this special bonus episode, Glynis tells her story of how 5 minutes changed her life forever. From childhood to adulthood, the repercussions of that 5 minutes shaped the way she experienced reality, and ultimately the way her personality formed to...Show More

1:08:46 | Aug 21st

On this episode, I chat with Monty, who is a short film producer living in Portland, Oregan. Join us as he discusses his early ventures into musical theater, his 20-year hiatus in artistic activity, his move to the Pacific Northwest, and eventually h...Show More

52:42 | Aug 7th

On this episode, I chat with Kennedy, the creator of the audio drama Magus Elgar. Kennedy grew up living on a sailboat in Florida. At the age of 8, his parents invited him and his sister to join them in sailing around the world, a trip that would eve...Show More
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