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In A City Like Yours


IN A CITY LIKE YOURS is a semimonthly podcast hosted by Michael G. Moore. His goal is to bring the life stories of interesting everyday people to his listeners. These people are just like individuals living IN A CITY LIKE YOURS.

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1:01:55 | Mar 1st

On this episode, Kristen relates the story of when she visited North Korea. This trip was before the U.S. government implemented the ban on Americans entering the country. We also talk about her writi...Show More

50:52 | Feb 16th

On this episode, I chat with Jack about his father, Albert Anastasia, who was involved with the crime syndicate called Murder, Inc. Jack wrote a book titled Family Legacy, which tells the story of his...Show More
Get the best podcast recommendations in your inbox every week. ūüėé

52:50 | Feb 9th

On this episode, both Patrick and Tris tell their stories of becoming interested in acting, and their career highlights. First, Patrick (recorded August 07, 2019) goes in-depth with his creative proce...Show More

48:16 | Feb 3rd

On this episode, Steve talks about his life growing up with a father who failed to support his family. Then about getting hit by a car when he was a youngster and how it affected his memory and learni...Show More

1:00:08 | Jan 12th

On this episode, Monday tells a story of growing up with three talented musical parents who were all phenomenal, legendary jazz musicians. She followed in their footsteps and studied the flute and pic...Show More
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