Fifth & Mission

San Francisco’s Coronavirus Emergency

28:50 | Feb 26th

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Warnings about a global pandemic are becoming more urgent as stocks fall and local officials — including Mayor London Breed — declare states of emergency. Health reporters Erin Allday and Catherine Ho...Show More


rosaguac recommended:Feb 27th

so there’s a lot of fear and uncertainty going around w the coronavirus and I think this episode help me assuage my fears of the virility of this disease, esp as it pertains to bay area— some highlights: - we’re probably not going to die if we get it, kinda like the flu - symptoms are mostly respir...Show More

mmFeb 27th

@rosaguac So the other day, I overheard three people chatting about the virus and this white bro was like “If anyone’s gonna get [the virus], it’s going to be me because I live in Chinatown!” 😡

rosaguacFeb 27th

@mm ugh the sinophobia around this is so real 😠😑... like id just hit them with a ‘stay away from white ppl and sweetgreen bc I hear that their romaine has ecoli 🤮’ same kind of racist logic that serves no one but racist ass sentiments!

rosaguacFeb 27th

@mm this was a really great vice article that went into this: “As the rest of the world rightfully worries about this contagious new disease, it's worth remembering that protecting lives doesn't ...Show More

mmFeb 27th

@rosaguac We don’t have sweetgreens in Canada (yet) but I get the sentiment. The Vice article is great. Loved the ending. When coronavirus was breaking in the news, there were all these media outlets in Vancouver setting up cameras in Chinatown. And we’re like “pretty sure it’s not a renewal of inte...Show More