Mixtape Memories with Matt Heart Spade & Jinners

Mixtape Memories with Matt Heart Spade & Jinners

Mixtape Memories is a nostalgic weekly podcast hosted by Matt Heart Spade & Jinners, reminiscing about music from the 90s and the NYC music scene in the aughts. Incorporating stories about mixtapes in the 90s that influenced them and their wild times...Show More
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Episode 8 - Your Hair Is Everywhere

35:54 | May 6th

Matt Heart Spade and Jinners dedicate an entire episode to the rise of emo in the early aughts. Bands discussed include Sunny Day Real Estate, Thursday and Rainer Maria -- which leads them to wonder why there weren’t more female-fronted acts within t...Show More
Episode 7 - A Diet of Broken Biscuits

44:33 | Apr 29th

Matt Heart Spade and Jinners dedicate an episode to early '00s indie dance parties. They discuss the Misshapes parties, Trash parties, Vicious parties, Crashin' In parties, GBH parties and their favorite all-time songs to dance to. They also touch up...Show More
Episode 6 - Yeah We've Made Up Your Mind

50:10 | Apr 22nd

Matt Heart Spade and Jinners dedicate an entire episode to The Smiths and all related acts. They discuss the origin of their fandom, revisit special moments with Johnny Marr and Andy Rourke, Morrissey concerts and more. For their Repeat/skip segment,...Show More
Episode 5 - Is This Really Happening?

39:41 | Apr 15th

Matt Heart Spade and Jinners reminisce about Bjork as she announces plans to reissue her all of her albums on colored cassettes. They also share their thoughts on Modest Mouse touring stadiums with The Black Keys later this year. Also, who could forg...Show More
Episode 4 - All Our Pretty Songs

44:23 | Apr 8th

Matt Heart Spade & Jinners reminisce about bands that had too many members and weird band names like Arcade Fire and Broken Social Scene. They also reflect on bands that got people dancing like !!! and The Fever, and a time when labels had more of a ...Show More
Episode 3 - Please Stop Holding Hands With Some Skinny Pretty Girl That Likes To Talk About Bands

45:21 | Mar 27th

Matt Heart Spade & Jinners look back to past blog entries through the website Wayback Machine, a digital archive of the World Wide Web. Matt read his old 2008 review of Death Cab for Cutie at Radio City Music Hall, and Jinners read her account of a 2...Show More
Episode 2 - Our Whirled Has Turnt & Left Us Hear

1:22:10 | Mar 27th

Matt Heart Spade & Jinners chat about Sebadoh finally releasing a new album, their first in 6 years, called Act Surprised and the new single "Celebrate the Void." They also talk about odd touring partners Smashing Pumpkins & Noel Gallagher -- and won...Show More
Episode 1 - Everyone Who Pretended To Like Us Is Still Here

57:01 | Mar 27th

Matt Heart Spade & Jinners have been talking about doing a podcast for a while... and in the advent of multiple 20 or 25-year anniversary tours and reissues and our icons passing away, they thought the time was now! Thus, Mixtape Memories was born, d...Show More