What's Your (R)angle?


In an economy that's going digital first, it's impossible to avoid disruption. Join some of the industry's thought leaders as we discuss the puzzle pieces that make up a meaningful end-to-end digital experience. This is our (R)angle, what's yours?
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Machine Learning and AI

35:08 | Jul 4th

In the latest episode of What's Your (R)angle? join host Jennifer Shannon as she talks with Jan Scholz, Director of Strategy, Artificial Intelligence in Technology and Dave MacDonald, Senior Solutions Architect about Machine Learning and Artificial I...Show More
Cloud Native Architecture

29:38 | Jun 27th

Cloud Native Architecture is one of the most misunderstood terms in the industry. Tune in with host Jennifer Shannon along with Ditmar Haist , VP of Digital Innovation at Rangle and Suhanniyah Carpenter, Technical Director at Rangle to break down wha...Show More

25:33 | Jun 20th

In our latest episode, host Jennifer Shannon chats with Meng Fu, Senior Cloud Solutions Architect at Rangle and Bianca Spazziani, Cloud Solutions Architect at Rangle to delve deep into what DevOps really means and how it can be beneficial for your or...Show More
UX Research and Accessibility

24:09 | Jun 13th

Join host Jennifer Shannon along with Katrina Rempel, Senior Experience Designer at Rangle and Russell Hoy, UI Architecture Developer as they breakdown the importance of user research and accessibility informing your product development and user jour...Show More
Lean-Agile Delivery

40:51 | Jun 6th

In this week's episode of What's Your (R)angle? host Jennifer Shannon sits down with Myron Parks, Agile Quality Manager at Rangle, and Payal Vermani, Director, Lean-Agile Methods & Practice at Rangle to discuss how an Agile Quality practice can help ...Show More
Strategy and Governance

27:52 | May 30th

In the Season 2 premiere of 'What's Your (R)angle?' host Jennifer Shannon chats with Mark Tiainen, Rangle's VP of Digital Strategy on why digital strategy needs to be at the forefront of your innovation planning process. 
Adoption of a Design System

28:18 | May 2nd

In this episode, Jennifer Shannon is joined by Dale Simpson, Lean-Agile expert, and Howie Howatson, VP of Creative at Rangle to discuss the learning and adoption curve of a Design System.An accomplished Rangle alumni, Dale was instrumental in develop...Show More
What 'Customer Centric Design' Really Means

25:35 | Apr 25th

In today's episode we discuss the evolution of customer expectations and in turn, what it truly means to be customer-centric. How can we connect multiple-touchpoints to look at the entire customer journey to best serve not only the business - but the...Show More
What is a Design System?

26:17 | Apr 18th

Defining what a Design System is, and what it means for an organization can be tricky. Today we take the conversation of Design Systems past style guides and component libraries into breaking down silos between development and design.
Digital First Strategic Planning

28:53 | Apr 12th

What does digital first strategic planning actually mean? Take a look under the hood of how to balance the need to transform and going through a digital transformation journey with your need to launch experiences that help your customers in new ways.
An Innovation Framework for Digital Transformation

34:00 | Apr 1st

Introducing What's Your (R)angle, in our inaugural episode, Jennifer Shannon is joined by Rangle's CEO, Nick Van Weerdenburg as they strip away the confusion of defining Digital Transformation and discuss what it takes to be a player in today's digit...Show More
A Client Perspective: Using Digital to Change In-Store Experiences

35:30 | Mar 28th

In our Season 1 finale, Jennifer Shannon is joined by Arun Ramdeane, Senior Director, Technology at Staples Canada, and Farouk Dossa Group Director, Client Partnerships at Rangle. Take a look at what the catalyst was for Staples and other organizatio...Show More