What's Your (R)angle?


In an economy that's going digital first, it's impossible to avoid disruption. Join some of the industry's thought leaders as we discuss the puzzle pieces that make up a meaningful end-to-end digital experience. This is our (R)angle, what's yours?
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36:59 | Jul 11th

In the final episode of Season 2, host Jennifer Shannon sits down with Rangle's Director of Data and Analytics, Kevin Coombs, to help break down the misconceptions and overall importance of data for your innovation strategy.

35:08 | Jul 4th

In the latest episode of What's Your (R)angle? join host Jennifer Shannon as she talks with Jan Scholz,ย Director of Strategy, Artificial Intelligence in Technology and Dave MacDonald, Senior Solutions Architect about Machine Learning and Artificial I...Show More
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29:38 | Jun 27th

Cloud Native Architecture is one of the most misunderstood terms in the industry. Tune in with host Jennifer Shannon along with Ditmar Haist , VP of Digital Innovation at Rangle and Suhanniyah Carpenter, Technical Director at Rangle to break down wha...Show More

25:33 | Jun 20th

In our latest episode, host Jennifer Shannon chats with Meng Fu, Senior Cloud Solutions Architect at Rangle and Bianca Spazziani, Cloud Solutions Architect at Rangle to delve deep into what DevOps really means and how it can be beneficial for your or...Show More

24:09 | Jun 13th

Join host Jennifer Shannon along with Katrina Rempel,ย Senior Experience Designer at Rangle and Russell Hoy, UI Architecture Developer as they breakdown the importance of user research and accessibility informing your product development and user jour...Show More
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