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Call the Question is a fast-paced podcast hosted by Maria Dobrinskaya and Lesli Boldt. We dig into some of the political issues that are making headlines in Vancouver, B.C. and Canada, with a focus on the perspectives and issues that aren’t getting e...Show More
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Christy Sutherland and Coco Culbertson...and BC's dirty money scandal

39:52 | Jul 9th

In this episode, we learn about medicine, harm reduction and the experience of women in the opioid crisis from two of its leading experts in BC: Dr. Christy Sutherland and Coco Culbertson of PHS Community Services Society. We talk about decriminaliza...Show More
Nicola Spurling...and fighting for a woman's right to choose (again)

36:52 | Jun 25th

In this episode, we feature Nicola Spurling, CBC Early Edition political pundit and BC Green Party candidate in the 2017 BC provincial election. Nicola talks about what it takes to run for office, the importance of inclusion and representation in pol...Show More
Patti Bacchus...and the debate for access to menstrual products

43:02 | Jun 11th

In Episode 4, we talk to indominatable Georgia Straight education columnist and former long-time Vancouver School Board Chair Patti Bacchus about her introduction to electoral politics, getting fired (along with the entire school board) for refusing ...Show More
Promo: "We've got a long list"

00:31 | Jun 4th

Lesli's dad gave us a review of our podcast and, among other things, asked whether we'd be having men on the podcast at some point. Find out what we had to say about that...
Barinder Rasode...and Canada without a woman premier

33:55 | May 28th

Former Surrey City Councillor and mayoral candidate Barinder Rasode joins us for a lively discussion on what it takes for a woman to run for office, the barriers that women and people of colour face, and where she's finding inspiration for the future...Show More
Liza Yuzda...and the campaign for gender pay equity

40:05 | May 14th

We welcome News 1130 Legislative Reporter Liza Yuzda to talk about working at the BC Legislature, the recent #RightToBareArms dress code controversy at the Ledge, and her tips for engaging on social media - especially Twitter - without losing your co...Show More
Ginger Gosnell-Myers...and school board dress codes

41:39 | Apr 30th

For our first-ever full episode of Call the Q, we speak with Ginger Gosnell-Myers, who was the City of Vancouver's first-ever Indigenous Relations Manager and is widely respected as a leader in helping to advance reconciliation in Canada's cities. We...Show More
Welcome to our new podcast, Call the Question

00:44 | Apr 9th

So what the heck is Call the Question? Find out what our new politics podcast is all about.