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POPS! The Louis Armstrong Story with Reno Wilson

POPS! The Louis Armstrong Story with Reno Wilson

The incredible untold story of Louis Armstrong, an American original, an African American cultural touchstone, one of the most important figures in the history of Jazz, and one of the greatest American entertainers of the 20th century. From a dirt-po...Show More

21:26 | May 29th

Haters, too popular to be good, leave it all behind you, Knoxville, President Eisenhower and Little Rock, Africa, a Heart Attack, no slowing down, can I use your toilet?, enough!, Hello Dolly is a fxxking hit!, another Heart Attack, July 6, 1971, Wha...Show More

18:41 | May 22nd

The Vipers and their gage, The king's challenge, Black Tuesday, arrested in LA, the Baltimore cold, back to New Orleans, London, my lip is my instrument, my first Christmas Tree and Poppa Joe dies of a broken heart
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25:48 | May 15th

Back with Poppa Joe in Chicago, Meeting Lil Harden, Fat little man with bald head, Linking Gardens, Freddie vs Louis, Lil had a car, "race records", Poppa Joe skimming, Fletcher Henderson, Harlem, The Roseland Ballroom, Back to Chicago, Al Capone, Bi...Show More

29:15 | May 8th

Louis fancies Irene but Cheekie Black is not happy about it, the war ends, "no more shoveling coal", King Oliver heads north, Louis and Daisy tie the knot, poor Clarence, Fate Marabel hires Louis on the Dixie bell, playing 7 days a week-6 of them for...Show More

24:10 | May 1st

King Oliver, the Karnofsky's, baby Clarence, that beautiful horn, the end of the whores, drinking with momma and it's time to leave New in Storyville gets more exciting and more dangerous but that beautiful horn just might be the ticke...Show More

24:20 | Apr 24th

Young Louis learns how to survive on the rough streets of Storyville, at least until New Years Eve 1912.

11:11 | Apr 14th

Reno Wilson brings Louis Armstrong to life in POPS! The incredible story of Louis Armstrong thats never been told.