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Bill Nye is on a mission to change the world— one phone call at a time. He’ll tackle your curliest questions on just about anything in the universe. Give him a call! Perhaps you’ve wondered: Should I stop eating cheeseburgers to combat climate change...Show More

41:27 | Feb 27th

Even geniuses have blind spots. This week, author of Proving Einstein Right, Dr Jim Gates, joins Bill and Corey to wrestle with Einstein’s work and legacy. Plus, the next frontier in understanding the...Show More

35:51 | Feb 20th

We may think of ourselves as outside of nature, but humans are evolving just like everything else. Genetics and evolution expert Dr. Molly Przeworkski fields questions on whether humans are influencin...Show More
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42:47 | Feb 13th

Microbial ecologist Peg Riley of University of Massachusetts Amherst returns to Science Rules to counsel listeners on their relationship with their microbiome. You can listen to ad-free new episodes o...Show More

49:52 | Feb 6th

Memory expert and Professor of Psychology at Penn, Dr. Michael Kahana doesn’t think we forget anything. He thinks there are just some memories we can’t access. He joins us to talk about his memory res...Show More

42:12 | Jan 30th

Planetary Scientist Dr. Zibi Turtle is leading NASA’s Dragonfly mission to Saturn’s moon Titan! She joins us to discuss how by 2034 the Dragonfly dual-quadcopter will explore Titan, and what clues the...Show More
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