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Big Savage: The Death Of Alexander Stevens

Big Savage: The Death Of Alexander Stevens

Two friends stage a ritual in the Appalachian forest of Savage River. By morning, only one is still alive. The baffling trial of a young woman charged with murder and assisted suicide for the same death.
Episode 1: A Significant Event

36:57 | Nov 13th, 2018

Alexander Stevens is found dead in Savage River State Forest. Evidence of a ritual is discovered. A female companion emerges from the woods naked, injured and hypothermic. A strange and confusing tale begins.
Episode 8: Closure is the Cruelest Word

53:11 | May 6th

A stranger approaches Teresa as the jury deliberates. The verdict is delivered, and we speak with two jurors about the deliberation that took place behind closed doors.
Episode 7: Manner of Death

38:15 | Apr 10th

Two medical examiners take the stand. Megan testifies about the entire ordeal, closing out the trial.
Episode 6: Unanswered, Unasked

28:18 | Mar 5th

Kromatic Media sets legal precedent in Maryland by obtaining Megan's 911 call from the morning Alex was found dead. Jay and Tristan – Alex's father and sister – take the stand.
Episode 5: Personal Revelations

39:33 | Feb 13th

Sarah and Kendall get personal, Alex's therapist takes the stand, and a stranger testifies about finding Alex on her doorstep one week before High Rock.
Episode 4: The Third Interview

42:07 | Jan 18th

Three defense witnesses all make a claim that could swing the jury's opinion. But is there any evidence? One of those witnesses helps to arrange a third police interview, only 48 hours after Alex is found dead. Megan's story has one more important...Show More
Episode 3: The Trial Begins

41:28 | Dec 16th, 2018

Sarah and I visit High Rock for ourselves, where a new realization makes the case even more confusing. The trial begins with testimony from Steven Moon and the EMT who first arrived on the scene.
Episode 2: Folie à Deux?

38:46 | Nov 13th, 2018

We try to find out who Alex & Megan really were. The second case file discovered by reporters makes the whole situation even more confusing. Pretrial hearings set the stage for an unusual prosecution.