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Truth Be Told


Through unfiltered advice, host Tonya Mosley takes on listener questions, digging into what it means to not just survive, but thrive, as a person of color in our country. If Miss Manners tells you how to blend in and behave, Truth Be Told explores ho...Show More
Family Ties – Episode 6

35:58 | Jun 20th

We’ve all had that one big question in our lives that looms over us and keeps us up at night. Maybe you are making a life altering decision about a relationship; whether to get into one, get out of one — or stay in one. Maybe you’re one step away fr...Show More
Motherhood – Episode 5

30:24 | Jun 13th

Before we even know who we are and what we want out of life, women are expected to mother, to ultimately be mothers. And for women of color? There are added financial and cultural pressures as well as legacies of historical trauma and present-day rac...Show More
Well-Meaning White Folks – Episode 4

0:00 | Jun 6th

Allies are necessary to our collective pursuit of racial equity and antiracism, but sometimes talking across and through differences can be messy, hurtful, and downright exhausting. As people of color we ALL have had our fair share of those “unintent...Show More
Enough – Episode 3

30:36 | May 30th

Have you ever been made to feel like you aren’t enough? Not black enough, not queer enough, not Asian enough, not enough?   In this episode of Truth Be Told, we  explore how we can move beyond the question of “enough” and ask ourselves if we are doin...Show More
Colonized Desire – Episode 2

30:27 | May 23rd

Do you have “a type?” What if you’re a person of color, and you only have crushes on white folks? There’s a lot of mystery about what gets our hearts pumping, but one thing is for sure, our attractions aren’t simply just our own. From romantic movie...Show More
Joy – Episode 1

30:47 | May 16th

Our first episode of Truth Be Told is finally here and we’re going in deep to take on one of the biggest questions of our time:  How can I feel joy, when the world is burning? Families are being separated at the border, drugs are ravaging our commun...Show More
Introducing Truth Be Told, Hosted by Tonya Mosley

01:57 | May 9th

KQED’s Truth Be Told is a brand-new advice show made by and for people of color. If Miss Manners tells you how to behave, Truth Be Told explores how you can be you in a world that doesn’t always want you to…just be. Through unfiltered advice, host To...Show More