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Protest is in Hong Kong's DNA

15:05 | Jun 13th

Protests erupted in Hong Kong on Sunday as tens of thousands of people spoke out against legislation that would allow the territory’s citizens to be extradited to Mainland China. Demonstrators have tried to storm government buildings and police have ...Show More
Dennis Oland Found Not Guilty

17:59 | Jul 19th

Almost eight years and two weeks ago to the day, Richard Oland was murdered in his uptown Saint John, New Brunswick, office. A new verdict see Dennis Oland, his son, walking free after being convicted of killing his millionaire father three years ago...Show More
How to Sell Climate Action in Canada

17:31 | Jul 18th

Twenty-two percent of Canadians say that one of the top three issues that that's going to drive their vote in the upcoming federal election is climate change, according to Ipsos. That’s ahead of the 20 percent who say it's the economy. Which politica...Show More
When Climate Change Hits Home

21:00 | Jul 17th

Prince Edward Island resident Gilbert Sark sees the impact of climate change everyday from his home on Lennox Island, which is under threat due to erosion and rising sea levels. Floods, wildfires, and heat waves torment other parts of Canada. As a re...Show More
Cronyism and the Doug Ford Government

22:55 | Jul 16th

Since he took office, Ontario Premier Doug Ford’s popularity has plummeted, with his approval rating currently sitting around 20 percent. Last month, his chief of staff Dean French resigned amid allegations of nepotism after it was revealed that he h...Show More
Canada's Contribution to Apollo 11

21:04 | Jul 15th

The Apollo 11 mission was a testament to human ingenuity and creativity. As we gear up for the 50th anniversary of the moon landing, and as the race to return to the moon gains momentum, we take a look back at Canada’s integral contribution to the or...Show More
Is Aziz Ansari's Netflix Special a Good Apology?

22:19 | Jul 12th

Comedian Aziz Ansari returns to the comedy scene with his new Netflix special Right Now. A year and a half ago, Ansari briefly left the scene after an unnamed woman called Grace accused him of sexual misconduct on a date. Host Tamara Khandaker spe...Show More
Jeffrey Epstein and His Network of Power

22:08 | Jul 11th

Billionaire Jeffrey Epstein is facing new charges of sex trafficking of underage girls. This follows a 2008 case where Epstein, who has been linked to powerful people like Donald Trump and Bill Clinton, pleaded guilty for using a minor for prostituti...Show More
The Controversy Surrounding "Unplanned"

15:54 | Jul 10th

There’s been a lot of controversy surrounding the film Unplanned, set to release in Canada on July 12. The film is based on the memoir of Abby Johnson, a Planned Parenthood clinic director in Texas who became an anti-abortion speaker. Many have taken...Show More
The Fight Against the RCMP’s Culture of Sexual Misconduct

20:32 | Jul 9th

The RCMP just agreed to it’s second multi-million dollar class action lawsuit in the last three years over sexual harassment and discrimination claims within its ranks. Canada’s national police force has an extensive history of harassment claims. Som...Show More
Basketball in Canada is Bigger Than Kawhi

20:31 | Jul 8th

Kawhi Leonard finally made his free agency decision and unfortunately for Raptors fans, it wasn’t what they hoped for. But some basketball fans in Canada don’t think the superstar's departure will lead to the decline of basketball growth. Canada’s ba...Show More
Taylor Swift's Rage Against (the) Big Machine

20:14 | Jul 5th

Whether or not you like Taylor, one of the most polarizing figures in the music industry, the drama that’s unfolded since her Tumblr post last weekend is interesting. It gives us a window into the relationships between artists and record labels. And ...Show More
The Political Cartoon in the Age of Trump

19:54 | Jul 4th

For most political cartoonists, Donald Trump is the gift that keeps on giving, but for one Canadian cartoonist, his work on Trump may have actually been his downfall.  You've probably seen the cartoon. It’s Trump, playing golf next to the bodies o...Show More
Hong Kong Protests: An Update

20:25 | Jul 3rd

Monday was the anniversary of Hong Kong’s handover from Britain to China, and hundreds of thousands pro-democracy protesters took to the streets once again since the protests started last month. Protesters are feeling more and more like China is encr...Show More
Ivanka Trump: The Unwanted Diplomat

16:48 | Jul 2nd

You might’ve seen the viral video. Or meme. Ivanka Trump, the unwanted diplomat, being awkwardly photoshopped into key historical moments.  She has been a consistent presence in the Trump administration since he came into office - her official tit...Show More
Who Are the Far-Right Groups on Canada's Terror List?

20:45 | Jun 28th

Earlier this year, the head of Canada’s spy agency CSIS, testified before the senate committee on national security. He told them that the agency was more and more preoccupied with the threat of violent right wing extremism and white supremacists. ...Show More
Can Trudeau Solve Canada's Beef with China?

21:04 | Jun 27th

China is calling out Canada’s meat as foul while Canada suspects foul play. The international dispute between the two countries is escalating as the quality of food products from Canada comes into question. On Wednesday, Chinese inspectors said...Show More
The Media and the Trump Slump

24:14 | Jun 26th

Host Tamara Khandaker speaks with Neal Rothschild, a journalist with Axios, about the decline of the ratings and readership associated with covering Trump. Initially, both soared as people followed it all in what became known as the Trump bump. Jacks...Show More
The Many Ways Weed Can Get You Banned From The U.S.A.

17:08 | Jun 25th

On this episode of Wait, There’s More, host Tamara Khandaker speaks with reporter Patrick Cain and lawyer Heather Segal about legal weed, old cannabis convictions, and the problems it's causing for Canadians trying to cross the border.
Why Iran and the U.S. Could Go to War

23:10 | Jun 24th

On this episode of Wait, There’s More, host Tamara Khandaker speaks with Golnar Motevalli, a Tehran-based reporter with Bloomberg News. Tensions between the U.S. and Iran have been escalating since earlier this month when the U.S. blamed Iran for ...Show More
The Fight For a Safer Supply of Opioids

17:15 | Jun 21st

On this episode of Wait, There’s More, host Tamara Khandaker speaks with Rachel Brown, Global News reporter, who has been covering the current opioid crisis for a while.  Tamara and Rachel look at how some doctors are taking matters into their own...Show More
Let's Talk About What Sharia Law Is

15:22 | Jun 20th

People on the far right are often focused on a single word: Sharia. You'll see it on their protest signs and raised in their videos. The claim is that Muslim immigrants want to subject Canada and the U.S. to Sharia Law, which they associate with a...Show More
Speaking Out Against Gag Orders

18:37 | Jun 19th

On this episode of Wait, There’s More, host Tamara Khandaker speaks with Global News feature writer Jane Gerster, about a case that is unfolding at a Canadian university in which one law professor refuses to remain silent about the alleged conduct of...Show More
Money Laundering in B.C.'s Real Estate Market

22:10 | Jun 18th

On this episode of Wait, There’s More, host Tamara Khandaker speaks with Sam Cooper, Global News reporter, about his investigation into money laundering in B.C.'s real estate market. Cooper explains how alleged criminals use something called bare ...Show More
Dark cloud over Raptors' win

18:40 | Jun 17th

Today we’re talking about Raptors president Masai Ujiri and why so many people are calling what happened to him an incidence of racial profiling. While the team and fans celebrate, Ujiri may be charged with battery against a peace officer for an inci...Show More
The Toronto Raptors are NBA Champions

23:58 | Jun 14th

The Toronto Raptors are champions. Thursday night in Toronto was magical. In the sixth game of the NBA Championship Finals, the Toronto Raptors won 114-110, beating out the Golden State Warriors to win the Raptors' first championship in franchise his...Show More
Who would mess with Canada's election?

19:02 | Jun 12th

As Canada prepares for its federal election in October, the government tries to deal with misinformation and election interference in the 2019 federal vote. Major platforms like Facebook, Google and Twitter will have to be prepared for the upcomin...Show More
Young, pregnant and in crisis

18:35 | Jun 11th

We speak with Diana McNally, who got pregnant as a teenager and wanted to get an abortion. She scheduled one at a Toronto clinic. But the day she was supposed to get it, she walked through the wrong door and into a crisis pregnancy centre instead. An...Show More
Justice after R v Jordan

15:51 | Jun 10th

Around 800 cases have been tossed out across the country following the timelines set out by the R v Jordan decision three years ago. In 2016, a Supreme Court decision came down that shook Canada’s criminal justice system.  For years before this...Show More

01:15 | May 3rd

A daily Global News podcast released every afternoon just in time for your commute home. The world moves way too fast and it’s easy to fall behind the news cycle. Host Tamara Khandaker takes you inside the headlines to reveal the full story, explore ...Show More