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Self Evident: Asian America's Stories

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Self Evident challenges the narratives of where we come from, where we belong, and where we're going — by telling Asian America's stories. With host Cathy Erway, we present reported narratives, personal stories, and community conversations that tackl...Show More
Bonus: Sharing Asian America's Stories

40:13 | Aug 20th

When we started Self Evident, we were surprised at how many people wanted a new show but hadn’t heard about all the Asian American podcasts already out there. In this bonus episode, our team shares clips from a few other independent podcasts, show...Show More
So Where Are We Really From?

50:43 | Jul 31st

We asked our listener community, “How did you learn where you come from?” What came back was a wide range of personal stories about how tricky it can be to access our heritage. From kids going to culture camp, to adoptees making journeys to their ...Show More
Hello, Freedom Man

49:21 | Jul 16th

As the Trump administration moves aggressively to deport Southeast Asian Americans with criminal records, a daughter of Vietnamese refugees wrestles with how her community can stand for freedom.
Pull up the Roots

41:52 | Jul 2nd

Three intimate conversations reveal how we deal with changes to our most deeply rooted identities, and how we tell the people who matter most.
The Talk We Were Supposed to Have

46:04 | Jun 18th

Gabe's always felt distant from his parents: not Filipino enough for his dad, not affectionate enough for his mom. But when he moves back to his white-bread hometown to donate a kidney to his dad and work alongside him at the “Fiesta in America,” Gab...Show More
On Class, Kinship, and Being Bangladeshi in Asian America

12:09 | Jun 12th

Sharmin Hossain, a member of New York’s Bangladeshi Feminist Collective, helps us take a hard look at the roles of class, colorism, and cultural education within the broader conversation about Asian representation in America. This interview was on...Show More
How did you learn where you come from?

04:47 | Jun 5th

Do you have a story about going to language classes, Saturday schools, religious community groups, clubs, music lessons, or other "alternative classrooms" where you learned about your culture or language? Was it a positive, negative, or mixed experie...Show More
The Non-United States of Asian America

40:45 | Jun 4th

Self Evident tells Asian American stories — but that term itself, “Asian American,” can mean many different things to different people. In this episode we present three stories from our listener community to explore the ways “Asian American” reflects...Show More
Whose Dream Is This, Anyway?

37:23 | May 21st

Two stories about Asian Americans striving to find home reveal painful contradictions in our revered narrative of “making it” in America.
We Are Self Evident

02:18 | May 6th

The first season of Self Evident: Asian America's Stories comes to a podcast app near you on May 21, 2019. Here's a peep into the stories we'll be presenting during this pilot run of 6 episodes (with a new episode coming out every 2 weeks). Subscr...Show More