Parenting: Raising Awesome Kids

Life Kit from NPR and Sesame Workshop

What do math, kindness, and self-regulation have in common? They're ingredients to raising an awesome kid. In partnership with Sesame Workshop, Life Kit talks to parenting experts for tips and tricks to empower kids to be compassionate, embrace math ...Show More

26:46 | May 17th

Self-regulation skills, including self-control, help us reach our goals, learn in school and get along with others. Millions of children struggle to develop them. We talk to experts for strategies to teach these skills — and get some very special hel...Show More

23:22 | May 15th

Up to 93% of American adults have some degree of math anxiety. The problem often starts in elementary school, but parents can do a lot to fix it. We talk to experts to get some unexpected strategies for children of all ages, with a little bit of help...Show More
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31:23 | May 13th

Most kids value success and achievement more than caring for others, according to Harvard's Making Caring Common project. Who is to blame? We are. We talk to the experts for ideas on how to do better, and why.

02:14 | May 10th

How do you raise children to love math — even if you don't? Can kindness really be taught? What is the one brain skill that teachers wish your child would excel in? Sesame Workshop's child development experts — plus a Muppet — help us tackle kindnes...Show More
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