Factually! with Adam Conover

Earwolf & Adam Conover

Comedian Adam Conover talks to exceptional experts, revealing shocking truths and thought-provoking new perspectives. It’s an investigative comedy podcast for curious people who never stop asking questions.

1:14:34 | May 29th, 2019

Adam Winkler, professor of constitutional law at the UCLA School of Law and author of Gunfight: The Battle over the Right to Bear Arms in America, joins Adam on the premiere episode of Factually! to t...Show More

susanle recommended:

Good first episode of the series. Looking forward to listening to more from Adam Conover and learning more facts.

1:22:06 | Nov 20th, 2019

Disability rights activist, Judy Heumann, joins Adam this week to discuss the mentality shift and history of disability rights and the Americans with Disabilities Act, acts of protest and the Ugly Law...Show More

layne recommended:

This is an enlightening and highly educational episode

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53:50 | Feb 5th

Professor of Philosophy at the University of Southern California, Scott Soames, joins Adam this week to for a deep dive into how philosophy shaped the modern world, the relationship between philosophy...Show More

1:15:27 | Jan 29th

Climate scientist Dr. Daniel Swain joins Adam this week to shed light on how climate change affects the chances of more extreme weather events, the main misconceptions surrounding weather and climate ...Show More

1:08:51 | Jan 22nd

UCLA Professor Safiya Noble joins Adam this week to discuss how racism is expressed through supposedly neutral algorithms, the real-life “Minority Report” technology that’s being used today in our cit...Show More
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