Undercurrent: Bear 148

The Narwhal

Undercurrent is an investigative series from the award-winning journalists at The Narwhal. In Season 1: Bear 148, host Molly Segal investigates the life and death of a beloved grizzly bear in Alberta's Bow Valley. Was Bear 148 in the wrong? Or were w...Show More
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Episode 5: Why did the grizzly cross the road?

15:08 | Jun 17th

Grizzly bears are expected to navigate around all sorts of human obstacles: train tracks, roads, fences, even towns. When they don’t, they’re considered a nuisance — to some, at least. Actively trying to understand how grizzlies move from one pla...Show More
Episode 6: Bear scare

13:50 | Jun 17th

It’s the final straw for Bear 148. In July 2017, after an encounter with a jogger on a park trail, Bear 148 is tracked, sedated and taken by helicopter to a place far, far away. Not long after, she wanders across the border into British Columbia, whe...Show More
Episode 4: Invisible borders

17:07 | Jun 17th

People have been mauled and killed by grizzly bears in the Bow Valley. It’s something most of us don’t have to think about. But for wildlife managers in parks with bears, the worst-case-scenario is never far from mind. At what point does a bear th...Show More
Episode 3: Human footprint

14:30 | Jun 17th

The death of Bear 148 raises fresh questions about an old problem: why can’t bears and people peacefully exist in large national parks? Amid the news and disappointment and anger about Bear 148’s death, rumours and suspicion have taken root. Conspira...Show More
Episode 2: Outcry

14:36 | Jun 17th

Millions of people visit Banff National Park every year. It was a part of Bear 148’s reality that during her six years of life she’d need to become accustomed to humans and their cars and cameras. In the summer of 2017, Bear 148 followed the vall...Show More
Episode 1: A perfect neighbour

16:08 | Jun 17th

Bear 148 lived most of her life in and near Banff, Canada's busiest national park. She wasn't afraid of people and she became a local celebrity. By the summer of 2017, wildlife managers around the Bow Valley were just about fed up with Bear 148. The ...Show More
Trailer: Bear 148

01:33 | Jun 4th

When Bear 148 walked across a parking lot — which she did, often — she could easily end up on the front page of a national newspaper. That's because she lived in Banff, Canada's busiest national park. But when she crossed an invisible border and left...Show More