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Tea and Tarts Podcast

Tea and Tarts Podcast

The true story of two outspoken Scorpios discussing cults, the paranormal, conspiracy theories, and everything in between. Where tea and tart language combine for your pleasure every Monday. Making the world a little more fun, one episode at a time. ...Show More

1:09:17 | Aug 19th

Well hello there! Welcome to episode purple. We've lost count (It's actually episode 15, but purple works better.) We start talking the politest way to kill people, awkward moments ensue, then we go into our Cold Case stories. Melissa talks Jonbenet ...Show More

59:46 | Aug 12th

Breaking news! Jeffrey Epstein is dead. You're welcome! We bring you the information that we know, what the Twitah has said, and all the conspiracies that have been floating around his "suicide"... We recorded this and dropped it almost immediately. ...Show More
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1:04:11 | Aug 5th

Good Morning, Vietnam! (Just kidding, hi interwebs!) Brace yourself, things get weird today. We have come to the conclusion that spontaneous combustion is because women are just tired of it. What is it? Everything. That's what. Melissa talks about th...Show More

58:11 | Jul 29th

Welcome to Episode Twelve! Before we get into a description, here's your PSA - Spay and Neuter your pets people!!! Thanks! Today we discuss a whole bunch of life events! Gina gave up her foster kittens, is graduating soon, and got a big kid job! M...Show More

52:50 | Jul 22nd

We're on to Episode 11! We start spilling tea sis, Melissa talks about Zak Bagans' favorite "Crying Boy" painting, and Gina has a full on PSA Ted Talk on Skinwalkers. You're welcome! Let us know what you thought and give us a rating on iTunes. Thanks...Show More
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