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Two white guys recapping history. What else is new?

28:44 | Jul 31st, 2019

History Minors wishes Jason a Happy 21st birthday as we dive into American Prohibition, a truly crime-ridden and awful time. Listen to hear about why alcohol got banned in the first place, and to get ...Show More

26:36 | Jul 24th, 2019

Uncle Jason tells HD and special friend of the podcast, May, the second part of the Teddy Roosevelt story. Intro: "Golden Sands" by Cardboard Box - https://soundcloud.com/cardboardboxmusic/golden-sa...Show More
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22:27 | Nov 14th, 2019

H.D. and Jason bring you a delightful commentary on the history of Boss Tweed, New York City's famous Tammany Wigwam leader. This was recorded before Halloween, as you can probably tell. Anyways, enjo...Show More

21:02 | Oct 23rd, 2019

HD and Jason reunite for an episode on the 1849 California Gold Rush, as a tribute to the return of the Discovery Channel TV show, Gold Rush. Tune in to hear bad accents, historical commentary, and mo...Show More

19:47 | Oct 16th, 2019

HD takes a solo dive into the Russian October Revolution of 1917. Listen to hear about why the czar wasn't exactly popular, and for more information on how to make a good political campaign in Russia ...Show More
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