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PodCast & Crew is a new series that illuminates the most often overlooked people in the storytelling industry – the Below the Line. Each episode we'll interview two emerging and established talent playing the same role, dissecting how they both got s...Show More

1:31:03 | Nov 8th

From the cadaverous flesh of the newly embalmed, to the blood-draining fangs made ready for a feast, the skilled hands behind our most inventive nightmares know that if a gag doesn’t have the touch of God, then it has no soul. Seen by many as the dar...Show More

1:01:45 | Oct 3rd

It is said that a film is written three times - once by the screenwriter on the page, the second by the director on the set, and a third by a ghost in the darkness. This enigmatic position is the first audience member to judge a performance and the l...Show More
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59:22 | Sep 3rd

Who would Bruce Wayne be without falling into the Bat Cave? What grander place could Thelma and Louise fly into memory if not for the Grand Canyon? Where a story takes place is as important as the characters within it and although, maybe not top-bill...Show More

59:04 | Aug 6th

Every department works hand in hand, playing their respective instruments in the orchestra of filmmaking. But, the Sound Mixer just so happens to record the carpet that ties the room together. This episode we are joined by 20 year Canadian veteran Ch...Show More

57:58 | Jun 14th

Between the office and the set, the handler of paperwork and paycheque is the Production Manager. Both parts parent and compadre, they have a responsibility to those below the line and above the line. We chat with PM Tia Buhl (Continuum, Are You Afra...Show More