The Killing of Marilyn Monroe

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How did Hollywood’s brightest star become its most tragic victim? From Norma Jeane, casting couch girl desperate for success, to Marilyn Monroe, global icon, it was Marilyn’s turbulent love life that ultimately sealed her final fate. Surrounded by a ...Show More

27:17 | Aug 19th, 2019

She is the greatest female star Hollywood ever produced and in most people’s minds, the 20th century’s definitive sex symbol but on August 4, 1962, Marilyn Monroe’s incredible light was suddenly, shoc...Show More

cesarm recommended:

This should have a podcast a long time ago! This mini series promises to go deep in one of the most controversial deaths of Old Hollywood.

28:14 | Sep 16th, 2019

This chapter examines Marilyn’s marriages and (many) sexual partners – including Sinatra’s gang, mobster Sam Giancana, psychiatrist Ralph Greenson, and the two most powerful men in America at the time...Show More

cesarm recommended:

So tragic. She was just a very complex person. Kudos to the producers for pulling an actual interview with Marilyn Monroe.

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29:50 | Aug 26th, 2019

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29:21 | Feb 17th

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