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Monarchs & Malarkey

Amanda Gelter, Danielle Watson-Bowers & Mike Bowers

An alcohol-laden dive into the weird and quirky health histories and deaths of leaders throughout time.
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31:19 | Sep 11th

Why is Mary 1 so pissed off? And why did she seem to be pregnant so often despite never having a baby?

55:00 | Sep 3rd

Richard III is not the evil, skulking villain Shakespeare proclaimed. So who was he really? Did he have a hunch on his back? Why is it so hard to get a good parking spot at Leicester Cathedral? Find all this and more on this amazing episode! Find us ...Show More
Get the best podcast recommendations in your inbox every week. ๐Ÿ˜Ž

44:40 | Aug 24th

This poor king had a rough time of things. Contrary to popular belief, he most likely did not suffer due to incest. Also... Is a cat a better ruler than a king? He's definitely better than our president!

39:36 | Jul 22nd

Empress Matilda was a formidable woman. Not satisfied with simply being a wife and mother, she took matters into her own hands, fighting for her rightful place as ruler of England. Two daring escapes later, she nearly got what she wanted. Twitter: @M...Show More

27:07 | Jul 15th

Harold was not exactly a good king. He technically probably shouldn't have been a king at all! Join us as we look into one of the most obscure, and bizarre, famous deaths in British history, the death that would create a whole new dynasty and lead to...Show More

47:09 | Aug 12th

Join us as we discuss King Henry VI and his Plantagenet curse, as well as his wife Margaret and how she manipulated her husband as well as started England's bloodiest civil war to secure power for her son. There is also a sex coach.

39:58 | Aug 5th

Henry IV is not the most well-known of kings in England, but he is an important figure who will set up a scene ripe for a war that will last for over thirty years.ย  Follow us on Twitter @monarchmalarkey and on Facebook More

51:40 | Aug 2nd

Did this king invent codpieces (no). Was he brutally murdered by his cousin's man (again, no). So how did Richard II die? Join us as we explore this flamboyant king! Be sure to subscribe/follow for more content!

36:04 | Jul 29th

How does food illustrate a culture? Why is eating about so much more than sustenance? How does studying food and eating habits help anthropologists understand cultures and societies? How do sex and food tie together culturally, and how does one infor...Show More

44:20 | Jul 26th

Join us as we discuss Edward Longshanks and his quest for the Infinity Gauntlet. His quest will take him to the wilds of Wales and lead to war, and lots of it, with Scotland. Be sure to find us on Social Media:ย  Twitter: @MonarchMalarkey Facebook: Mo...Show More

48:45 | Jul 19th

King John was a jerk! Or was he? Find out if Robin Hood got ANYTHING right. (Hint: Kinda, but not really.) And find out if peaches are the way to go!

29:24 | Jul 19th

King Henry was reported to have died from eating an excess of lamprey eels. We discuss what these parasites are and if they could have been responisble for the death of another monarch.

22:32 | Jul 15th

William II was beloved by all, a standard of rationality and kindness - wait, no. That is totally not right. He was a jerk and was despised by his brothers. Perhaps they even plotted to have him killed "by accident" in the woods...

34:17 | Jul 13th

Come with us as we dive into what led to Edward the Confessor becoming a saint... What exactly happens to bodies in stone coffins? And what is a relic?

03:48 | Jul 10th

Here is our first teaser for Monarchs and Malarkey. Our first episode is slated to go live on June 15th. Tune in to learn more about the strange health histories and peculiar deaths of leaders througout time.