Retail Is Your Business

Retail Is Your Business is a weekly podcast covering the intersection of innovation/technology and business strategy in the world of retail (online and offline, across all industries) -- with a focus on consumer experience. As informed hosts dive dee...Show More


34:46 | Mar 23rd

Jason Schulweis, SVP and Head of Brand Partnerships and Integrated Marketing for Morning Brew,  offers crucial insights about current trends within media and marketing due to the impact of COVID-19, h...Show More

17:49 | Mar 21st

Aside from the physical health risks stoked by COVID-19, there's another byproduct of the pandemic that's potentially terrifying: the social impact of isolation and quarantines. Given the number of pe...Show More
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18:12 | Mar 20th

How do you protect on-demand or gig workers, their fleets, and their customers, during the COVID-19 crisis? How can companies like Postmates, which rely on going workers for their business model, succ...Show More

20:32 | Mar 19th

At CES, VR and AR are on full display. But what about full implications of XR (extended reality - all real-and-virtual combined environments and human-machine interactions generated by computer techno...Show More

26:19 | Mar 19th

If trying to keep the doors to a business open isn’t challenging enough, especially when you don’t know how long you have to do it for, diligent consideration of the productivity, safety, care, morale...Show More
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