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The History of Violence


A new episodic podcast about the history of violence, from terrorism to taekwondo.

20:00 | Aug 11th

Cry Havoc . . . and Unleash the HOGS OF WAR!In this episode Claire Elliott joins me to talk about some of the weirdest uses of war animals. Not horses and elephants, more like WarCats and hogs. Enjoy!Also, a rating and review on iTunes or Stitcher wo...Show More

22:46 | Jul 27th

Despite the fall of most of the world's totalitarian regimes, their tactics of violence and control did not disappear. Hannah Arendt warned of the continuing use of "totalitarian instruments" by governments around the world. In this podcast I discuss...Show More
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20:31 | Jul 27th

Fantasy, mythology and historical fiction is full of scenes of champion combat, with heroes and villains battling to settle the fate of nations. But did this really happen, or is it just an invention of classical poets?  Please get in contact if you ...Show More

13:41 | Jul 27th

Welcome to The History of Violence podcast! This episode discusses different types of violence, and how we can understand violence across different eras.  Please get in contact if you have any comments or suggests. You can find me on Twitter @Violenc...Show More