We Love You (And So Can You)

We Love You (And So Can You) follows the journey of a guest looking to makeover part of their life: jumping back into the dating world, feeling comfortable in their body after having a baby, starting a new career. Hosts Kristen Meinzer and Jolenta Gr...Show More


20:11 | Feb 18th

Our listeners are seriously the best. And they’re always striving to be even better. It’s impressive! So, for our final special bonus advice episode, we’re talking about how to be a better person. Plu...Show More

22:31 | Feb 11th

How is it so hard to have just the right amount of alone time? Listeners wrote in for this week’s special bonus advice episode all about having too much alone time, too little alone time, and just not...Show More
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26:30 | Feb 4th

One of the most common predicaments we get revolves around making a decision. Deciding on a career, deciding whether to move, deciding to make any decision at all! And so this week, Kristen and Jolent...Show More

28:37 | Jan 28th

We can’t get to everyone’s predicament on the show. But, we still want to help! So for the end of our special bonus season, we have advice for our guests who’ve written in asking for help. This episod...Show More

24:52 | Jan 21st

Dating. One little word, so many emotions. Kristen and Jolenta have plenty of stories to share about their own experiences with falling out of love with dating. Yes — even Kristen (who LOVES dating) h...Show More
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