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DeepMind: The Podcast


This eight part series, hosted by mathematician and broadcaster Hannah Fry, aims to give listeners an inside look at the fascinating world of AI research and explores some of the questions and challenges the whole field is wrestling with today.

34:03 | Aug 20th

What can the human brain teach us about AI? And what can AI teach us about our own intelligence? These questions underpin a lot of AI research. In this first episode, Hannah meets the DeepMind Neuroscience team to explore these connections and discov...Show More

36:58 | Sep 17th

In this special extended episode, Hannah Fry meets Demis Hassabis, the CEO and co-founder of DeepMind. She digs into his former life as a chess player, games designer and neuroscientist and explores how his love of chess helped him to get start-up fu...Show More
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26:09 | Sep 10th

AI researchers around the world are trying to create a general purpose learning system that can learn to solve a broad range of problems without being taught how. Koray Kavukcuoglu, DeepMind’s Director of Research, describes the journey to get there,...Show More

29:22 | Sep 3rd

While there is a lot of excitement about AI research, there are also concerns about the way it might be implemented, used and abused. In this episode Hannah investigates the more human side of the technology, some ethical issues around how it is deve...Show More

31:23 | Aug 27th

The ambition of much of AI research is to create systems that can help to solve problems in the real world. In this episode, Hannah meets the people building systems that could be used to save the sight of thousands, help us solve one of the most fun...Show More

32:33 | Aug 20th

Forget what sci-fi has told you about superintelligent robots that are uncannily human-like; the reality is more prosaic. Inside DeepMind’s robotics laboratory, Hannah explores what researchers call ‘embodied AI’: robot arms that are learning tasks l...Show More

26:53 | Aug 20th

Video games have become a favourite tool for AI researchers to test the abilities of their systems. In this episode, Hannah sits down to play StarCraft II - a challenging video game that requires players to control the onscreen action with as many as...Show More

25:41 | Aug 20th

In March 2016, more than 200 million people watched AlphaGo become first computer program to defeat a professional human player at the game of Go, a milestone in AI research that was considered to be a decade ahead of its time. Since then the team ha...Show More

03:09 | Aug 12th

Over the past 12 months, mathematician and broadcaster Hannah Fry has explored DeepMind's headquarters in London to get an inside look at artificial intelligence (AI) research and where it is going. The result - DeepMind: the Podcast - offers diverse...Show More