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Welcome signs proclaim it “America’s Most Beautiful Small Town.” It’s considered the Bourbon Capital of the World. And in many ways, Bardstown, Kentucky is just like a lot of small, tight-knit communities all across the country. But just under the ...Show More

02:15 | Jan 10th

In April 2016, hours after an argument with his wife Jessica, Griffin, Georgia police officer Matthew Boynton radios for assistance and reports hearing two gunshots coming from inside his home. Office...Show More

01:42 | Nov 6th, 2019

From KGW8 in Portland, Oregon and the studio that brought you Bardstown, a new podcast that delves into the story of a young woman who disappeared in the middle of a July night in 2016. The horrific d...Show More
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32:34 | Oct 23rd, 2019

This week we answer some of your burning questions about the cases in Bardstown!

23:56 | Oct 16th, 2019

In the final chapter of our story, we ask the same question that Bardstown residents have been asking for years: Are these cases connected?

24:28 | Oct 9th, 2019

The podcast team sets out to find the Houck family and get their side of the story. We knock on doors, including the family farm, the grandmother’s home and Brook Houck’s home that he shares with his ...Show More
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