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Danielle LaPorte

A one woman show about self-realization from Danielle LaPorte, a member of Oprah’s Super Soul 100 and creator of The Desire Map. How do you create a spirituality that’s more rock n’ roll than oppressive, turn your anxiety into power, and live more de...Show More

03:41 | Aug 14th

I'm here to help you turn your anxiety into power—to live more deeply, but lighten up. This is a conversation about self realization, self respect, and self agency… and then how we extend that dignity and that kindness to each other. Tune in.

19:03 | Sep 12th

Making new friends in your 30s, 40s, and onwards—it’s never, EVER too late. Your longing for sisterhood is both primal and divine. Friendship is the medicine. It's the elixir that we need right now, more than ever. Your desire is so HEALTHY. Friendsh...Show More

1:14:27 | Sep 8th

Menus of morning habits are easy to come by (harder to practice). But habits are only bandaids unless we get beneath the surface of our behavior and relating. That’s what most productivity methods fail to ask. What were mornings like for you growing ...Show More

12:16 | Sep 5th

Are you attracting jerks because you’re a jerk? Maybe. Maybe not. Sometimes the jerk shows you how you do NOT want to feel/be treated—because contrast is one of our most powerful teachers. The flipside: what they may be here to illuminate is how you ...Show More

54:21 | Sep 1st

Love is one of the most wrung out, misused, and challenging concepts in philosophy, and (more specifically) in self-help teachings. And if “love” is a confusing concept… then “self-love” is utterly mystifying. Let’s lay out all the ways we express se...Show More

19:25 | Aug 29th

Where do I stand on one-night stands? Are they soul satisfying… or just a distraction in your pants? In this episode, I open up about holding out and putting out.

51:40 | Aug 25th

This is for the deep-feelers. There are a thousand reasons to be concerned for the world, but by the end of this conversation I hope you feel less like a spiritual worrier and more like a spiritual warrior. I’m talking about fierce gentleness and how...Show More