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Danielle LaPorte


A one woman show about self-realization from Danielle LaPorte, a member of Oprah’s Super Soul 100 and creator of The Desire Map. How do you create a spirituality that’s more rock n’ roll than oppressive, turn your anxiety into power, and live more de...Show More


1:03:40 | Nov 10th, 2019

This episode is full of contradictions, so if you’re looking for a straight shot—it’s better to look within. As always. I start in the realm of general life stuff, then we move into the deepest possib...Show More
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I’m not a fan of solo shows. But this episode made me change my mind. Listen if you’re in a complex situation and you are contemplating leav...Show More

03:41 | Aug 14th, 2019

I'm here to help you turn your anxiety into power—to live more deeply, but lighten up. This is a conversation about self realization, self respect, and self agency… and then how we extend that dignity...Show More
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When l was overworked and unhappy while living in NYC - I miraculously stumbled upon Danielle LaPorte and her White Hot Truth website. Her w...Show More

Get the best podcast recommendations in your inbox every week. 😎

38:33 | Feb 23rd

I’m back—with friends! Marie Forleo and I get real about coming into your own as a leader and what it takes to make it on to her superteam. And: if you have the chance, train your business brain with ...Show More

1:00:55 | Nov 17th, 2019

We’ve got to fall for some lies to get to our truth… These are the lies that dogma, false power, and all kinds of commercial industries are built on. And many of us have built our spiritual lives on o...Show More

1:04:42 | Nov 14th, 2019

Divorce…? Balance and striving…? Longing to help, but feeling spread thin…? It’s a Q&A fest. I’m offering compassionate reframes and metaphysical tools. Keep what resonates, leave the rest.
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