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True Crime

Unheard: The Fred and Rose West Tapes

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In 1994, Howard Sounes began investigating a case of serial murder in an English cathedral city. A married couple, Fred and Rose West, had killed at least twelve women and girls, including their own daughter. They cut their victims up and buried the ...Show More

27:14 | Oct 15th

While Gill Britt lodged at Cromwell Street she had no idea that her landlord Fred and his wife Rose were murderers. She noticed Rose’s prostitution and overheard childrens’ screams. But 40 years on, in her first ever interview, she recalls the warnin...Show More

34:50 | Oct 8th

Howard Sounes meets Rose’s mother Daisy Letts as she tries to come to terms with the news that her daughter is an alleged mass killer and that her grand-daughter, Heather, was among the victims. Howard uncovers Rose’s unhappy childhood. Subscribe t...Show More
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26:07 | Oct 1st

How did Fred meet Rose? Howard Sounes interviews family members to try to piece the story together. Rose left a care home to live with Fred shortly after her 16th birthday. Then while Fred is in jail, a mysterious death happens at their flat in Glouc...Show More

32:12 | Sep 24th

In 1994, in a field outside the small village of Much Marcle, the remains of Fred West’s first victim were found. She’d been dead for twenty five years. Her disappearance had gone unreported. How was this possible? Howard Sounes follows the trail to ...Show More

31:59 | Sep 17th

What made Fred West into a murderer? The West family say Fred had never been the same since a teenage motorcycle accident. Howard visits Fred’s birthplace, the quaint village of Much Marcle, and uncovers details from his past. Subscribe today so yo...Show More
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