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True Crime

EPSTEIN: Devil in the Darkness

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Jeffrey Epstein, the man President Trump once called a “terrific guy” abused hundreds of underage girls while entertaining the world’s most powerful men, including Prince Andrew, President Clinton, and Trump himself. With shocking new interviews and ...Show More

28:25 | Sep 12th

Trace the rise of sex monster Jeffrey Epstein from middle-class Brooklyn to the heights of the international elite. Former friends and colleagues reveal in exclusive interviews how he climbed the ladder from public school to Wall Street, building a f...Show More

19:16 | Sep 26th

Where are the Epstein blackmail tapes? In a world exclusive interview with Executive Producer James Robertson, former Palm Beach County Deputy Sheriff John Mark Dougan reveals why Epstein files went missing, who has them today - and who should be wor...Show More
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26:15 | Oct 17th

No longer living in fear, Jeffrey Epstein’s former employees have come forward to reveal what they witnessed behind closed doors – for the very first time. His longtime chauffeur gives an exclusive interview that delves into Epstein's young female pa...Show More

35:53 | Oct 10th

In January 2015, Virginia Roberts Giuffre alleged that as a 17-year-old she had been held as a sex slave by Jeffrey Epstein – and was not only abused by him and accomplice Ghislaine Maxwell, but trafficked to other high profile and powerful men as we...Show More

32:00 | Oct 3rd

One notorious member of Jeffrey Epstein’s circle was Prince Andrew, second son of the Queen of England and eighth in line to the British throne.  Andrew met Epstein in the 90s, introduced by Ghislaine Maxwell.  In 2001 a photograph was taken in Epste...Show More
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