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Striped: The Story Of The White Stripes

Third Man Records And Misfire

Two decades ago, The White Stripes hit the scene in a real way. Jack and Meg White dropped their debut album, blew minds, toured with Pavement, and sowed the seeds of worldwide rock and roll domination — with some bumps along the way. In season one, ...Show More

31:24 | Oct 8th

The music scene that Jack and Meg White were thrust into didn't form in a vacuum. Detroit has a rich heritage informed by a wide variety of musical stylings, as well as the auto industry — in both good and bad ways.

27:37 | Oct 8th

Before The White Stripes closed out Late Night With Conan O'Brien, garnered platinum records, or played SNL, they were just a frenetic boy teaching himself how to play music in an attic and a quiet, artistic girl who wasn't interested in playing musi...Show More
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01:39 | Sep 24th

In season one of Striped, music journalist Sean Cannon takes you through the early years of The White Stripes by talking to the people who witnessed it all firsthand — from a young Jack White practicing loudly in his attic to The White Stripes wowing...Show More