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Striped: The Story Of The White Stripes

Third Man Records And Misfire


Two decades ago, The White Stripes hit the scene in a real way. Jack and Meg White dropped their debut album, blew minds, toured with Pavement, and sowed the seeds of worldwide rock and roll domination ā€” with some bumps along the way. In season one, ...Show More

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19:01 | May 27th

We weren't able to fit every story from The White Stripes' first West Coast tour in this season, so we've included more of Ben Blackwell's recollections in this Season 2 bonus episode. Some are funny ...Show More
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35:48 | May 6th

So far this season, a lot of entirely unexpected and stuff has happened to The White Stripes. Through it all, you can see Jack and Meg getting a taste of what it's like being an indie rock band that e...Show More

26:11 | Apr 29th

From their very first jam sessions in the attic of 1203 Ferdinand, Jack and Meg White were intent on doing their own thing. You can see that through the early shows, the singles, the first album ā€” and...Show More

33:01 | Apr 22nd

The White Stripes' trip out west knocked over some dominos that foreshadowed what was to come as Jack and Meg burrowed further into the new millennium ā€” including a jaunt to the other side of the coun...Show More
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