American Elections: Wicked Game


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On Tuesday, November 3rd, 2020, the citizens of the United States will cast ballots to elect their president, and it feels like the country couldn’t be more divided.America will have to endure another 58 weeks of shouting, outrage, and the worst sort...Show More

43:52 | Oct 8th, 2019

As the fate of the nation hangs in the balance, General George Washington struggles with his personal desire to retire from public life and the duty he feels to save his country in its hour of need. U...Show More

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Another great new podcast from Wondery. It is an exploration of the birth of the divisiveness in American politics by exploring previous ele...Show More

05:38 | Jan 27th

Chris Matthews and campaign veterans who have had front row seats to presidential history dive deep into the six most important lessons learned from presidential campaigns that win. Chris and his gues...Show More
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43:15 | Jan 21st

In the wake of President Zachary Taylor’s sudden death, Millard Fillmore signs into law the Compromise of 1850, the so called “final settlement” on the issue of slavery. But the Compromise has uninten...Show More

42:48 | Jan 14th

In the wake of the Mexican-American war, the US gains two new territories: California and New Mexico. The victory over Mexico once again puts slavery at the center of the national political dialogue a...Show More

41:03 | Jan 7th

After President Harrison passes away just one month into his term, Vice President John Tyler becomes the first accidental president in US History. While Tyler fights for the legitimacy of his presiden...Show More
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