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American Elections: Wicked Game


On Tuesday, November 3rd, 2020, the citizens of the United States will cast ballots to elect their president, and it feels like the country couldn’t be more divided.America will have to endure another 58 weeks of shouting, outrage, and the worst sort...Show More

43:52 | Oct 8th

As the fate of the nation hangs in the balance, General George Washington struggles with his personal desire to retire from public life and the duty he feels to save his country in its hour of need. Ultimately, Washington rises to the occasion to bec...Show More

41:47 | Oct 15th

In the 1796 election, two political forces of nature collide: Thomas Jefferson and John Adams. As the supporters of Adams and Jefferson vie for their candidate, the machinery of America’s nascent political parties is unleashed in the first contested ...Show More
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42:15 | Oct 8th

As President Washington grapples with the idea of a second term, Vice President John Adams gears up for a fight to keep the vice presidency. Adams will find help from an unlikely ally, the very man who conspired to deny him votes in the election of 1...Show More

02:16 | Sep 27th

American Elections: Wicked Game premieres Tuesday, October 8th.