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Dolly Parton's America

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In this intensely divided moment, one of the few things everyone still seems to agree on is Dolly Parton—but why? That simple question leads to a deeply personal, historical, and musical rethinking of one of America’s great icons. Join us for a 9-epi...Show More


57:12 | Oct 15th, 2019

We begin with a simple question: How did the queen of the boob joke become a feminist icon? Helen Morales, author of “Pilgrimage to Dollywood,” gave us a stern directive – look at the lyrics! So we di...Show More
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nikkiboyer recommended:

I love this whole series but what I love this episode because it really addresses Dolly's Point of View about herself and how she's always a...Show More

41:18 | Nov 5th, 2019

In this episode, we go back up the mountain to visit Dolly’s actual Tennessee mountain home.  But, can you ever go home again?  Dolly tells us stories about her first trips out of the holler, and shar...Show More
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kerningcultures recommended:

Never would have guessed that Dolly Parton’s music would take us back to a village in Lebanon and full us with such warm nostalgia.

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36:05 | Nov 19th, 2019

One of Dolly’s most iconic and successful songs is “Jolene,” a song that, at first listen, is about a romantic rival trying to steal her man: a prime example of the classic “cheating song.”  But some ...Show More
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rmmiller364 recommended:

I never want this podcast to end! I enjoyed hearing Jolene contextualized in the “other woman” genre of country music. When you hear that, y...Show More

44:44 | Nov 12th, 2019

Dolly Parton and politics have always had an interesting relationship. On the one hand, she wrote 9 to 5, the anthem for working women and the theme song for a movie inspired by a new labor union. On ...Show More
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rmmiller364 recommended:

So many things in this episode are going to stick with me. I admit that I spent half the episode hoping she’d say anything that could cause ...Show More

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