Talk Money with Mesh Lakhani

A Table For Two, Please?

40:04 | Nov 12th, 2019

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Talk Money’s premiere episode examines an experience we have frequently—dining out at a restaurant—through an exciting new lens. Mesh, joined by Eli Chait (restaurant investor and co-founder of Wholes...Show More


mm recommended:Mar 28th

Everyone has a dream to start a restaurant and this is a 101 on money in the restaurant biz. Learned a ton about how menus can make or break restaurants down to the item level and so much more. Super well produced podcast. Reminds me of Planet Money but more in depth in a super accessible way.

bigfoot_skepticMar 30th

@mm I loved this episode too! The comparison to Planet Money is an apt one.

aliceko recommended:Mar 26th

Fascinating deep dive into restaurants and why items are priced accordingly. We don't realize how much work goes into running restaurants.... my heart goes out to all the restaurant owners and restaurant workers who are unable to work now. Learn more about: peak hours, starting a restaurant, buildi...Show More