Impeachment Today

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Don’t sit this one out. We know you’ve heard it before, but this time it’s actually different. The Trump impeachment saga is confusing, complicated, and also really, really important. In Impeachment Today, BuzzFeed News world news editor Hayes Brown ...Show More

21:14 | Jan 17th

The trial is upon us — it’s formally "game on" now, but the fireworks begin in earnest on Tuesday. So with that in mind, before the big theatrical parts begin, we revisit the man in the middle of all ...Show More

20:35 | Jan 16th

So. Much. News. The House voted to send two articles of impeachment to the Senate, which will begin considering whether to remove Trump from office in the coming days. Nancy Pelosi named the House mem...Show More
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15:24 | Jan 15th

If the impeachment trial is a great stage play, who will star as the lawyers? The Democrats’ house managers will be running the show during the trial. Addy Baird takes us through what we need to know ...Show More

16:56 | Jan 14th

The trial of Donald Trump is likely to begin at some point this week. As we gear up for the main event, all eyes are on the Republicans — and one key figure in the middle of all this is Mitt Romney. H...Show More

17:37 | Jan 13th

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says she will send the impeachment articles to the Senate this week. That means it’s just about go time. So with the trial imminent, we look at the strategy the 47 Democrats...Show More
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