Medicine, We're Still Practicing
Medicine, We're Still Practicing

08 - Dr Suzanne Donovan: The Coronavirus

33:38 | Feb 18th, 2020

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The Coronavirus: Everything You Need To Know: Infectious Disease Specialist and Infection Control Expert, Dr. Suzanne Donovan talks about this disease spreading the world and what we can do - or need ...Show More


curtcomedia recommended:Mar 6th, 2020

If you’re looking for more information on the coronavirus, this is a good place to start! 🀯

mmMar 6th, 2020

@bigfoot_skeptic 🚨 More coronavirus pods!

curtcomediaMar 6th, 2020

@mm @bigfoot_skeptic and we have a new episode of Coronavirus updates coming out on Tuesday!

mmMar 6th, 2020

@curtcomedia Hooray! Just added this episode to my running list of Coronvirus pods (aka "Stuff of nightmares")

bigfoot_skepticMar 14th, 2020

@mm hard to believe that a only week ago there was so little COVID-19 podcast coverage that we were excited when a new podcast came out.

mmMar 14th, 2020

@bigfoot_skeptic Coronavirus pods have now taken over my feed and I want to switch channels to happier podcasts for mental health now 😩

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