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How the world filled a hole - and saved itself

25:26 | Aug 27th

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A remarkable international collaboration rescued the ozone layer. What lessons can we learn now?...Show More


podyoda recommended:Sep 24th

very good! Thanks for sharing! If you prefer listening to your fav app-like I do*, the EP can be found at " The Slow Newscast from Tortoise Media" podcast. *sorry Podyssey I miss features to fully convert :P

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dannySep 25th

@podyoda no worries. I am curious, which features are you looking for?

podyodaOct 5th

@danny hi, many, including search for specific episode in a podcast, UI in playlists and saving to playlists needs work, queue pods, gamify time/ poss rewards (no one has this yet, pocket casts tried incomplete), remove/trim silence, tags, filters and more , all without in-app purchase, t...Show More

coco_r recommended:Sep 18th

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molo recommended:Sep 17th

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mijustin recommended:Aug 30th

In a time of crisis comes a hopeful story about how the world came together around a single environmental issue.

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