I Don't Want To Talk About Fight Club Anymore

A torture endurance podcast where Jacob Wysocki subjects himself to watch Fight Club for 72 hours straight. Joined by his comedian friends, listen as he documents his descent into madness.


2:20:49 | Jan 31st

Start Jacob's journey with this BONUS watchalong! You can sync up your Fight Club film with this episode to hear live commentary from Jacob, Carl Tart and Hillary Anne Matthews.

43:54 | Jan 31st

Jacob begins his 72 hour Fight Club viewing marathon. Joined by friends Carl Tart (Comedy Bang Bang, host of The Flagrant Ones) and Hillary Anne Matthews (Modern Family), together they go over the gro...Show More
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01:15 | Jan 10th

Join Jacob Wysoki on a torture/endurance podcast exploring the spoiling of a human as he watches Fight Club for 72 hours straight. Here’s hoping he makes it through. Subscribe so you don't miss the f...Show More