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24:02 | Sep 26th, 2019

The link between capitalism and progress is being questioned. Should big business step into the breach where politics is gridlocked? In a New York buzzing with world leaders and talk of impeachment, A...Show More
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An interview with Bloomberg where he provides commentary about the candidates vying for the Democratic nomination before he threw his name i...Show More

16:25 | Dec 27th, 2019

In 2019 Anne McElvoy challenged the people making the news. From presidential candidates and CEOs to fashion icons and even a relationship therapist. Among her guests were Democratic hopeful Pete Butt...Show More
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One of the best news podcast around! Jason Palmer is awesome.

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20:12 | May 10th, 2019

Anne McElvoy asks Melinda Gates whether gender equality starts in the kitchen. The American philanthropist explains why the tech world risks entrenching bias into the future, but defends the Gates Fou...Show More
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Melinda Gates had to defend why Gates Foundation to halve its paid family leave. The extended defense is here: More

19:34 | Apr 16th, 2019

Emmanuel Macron, France’s president, was already battling the flames of national protest when fire broke out at the Notre Dame cathedral. Will the tragedy, and Mr Macron’s leadership, bring the countr...Show More
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More Notre Dame @aliceko

33:11 | Apr 3rd

President Trump changed tone and course this week, extending federal guidelines on social distancing to the end of April. New York is now the epicentre of the global pandemic. Yet large parts of the U...Show More
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