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The Economist asks: Michael Bloomberg

24:02 | Sep 26th, 2019

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The link between capitalism and progress is being questioned. Should big business step into the breach where politics is gridlocked? In a New York buzzing with world leaders and talk of impeachment, A...Show More


mm recommended:Feb 23rd

An interview with Bloomberg where he provides commentary about the candidates vying for the Democratic nomination before he threw his name in the circus. What would this Bloomberg say about current Bloomberg's campaign?

kimwaudio recommended:Feb 19th

This is outdated (September), but given Michael Bloomberg will be participating in the debate tomorrow, I thought Iā€™d share for those who are interested.

mmFeb 19th

@kimwaudio Thanks for the heads up on this episode. Started listening to it and it was pretty meta listening to Bloomberg talk about other candidates prior to him throwing his name in. It will be interesting to hear him talk more about policy going forward. I just listened to The Daily's new episod...Show More

dannyFeb 19th

I would say beautiful is an understatement, it was exquisite and maybe a bit over the top!

mmFeb 20th

@danny @kimwaudio True to both of that.


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