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CBC Radio's Quirks and Quarks covers the quirks of the expanding universe to the quarks within a single atom... and everything in between.


54:10 | Mar 20th

How aging increases vulnerability to COVID-19 and how pollution can make it worse. COVID-19 has led to huge emissions reductions — can we learn from this? ‘Wonderchicken’ walked among the dinosaurs ju...Show More

54:11 | Mar 13th

COVID-19: Why reacting early and aggressively is the key to avoiding crisis; How the Greenland Ice Sheet is melting from the bottom up; Squat, don’t sit: The way we are sedentary could make a big diff...Show More
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54:27 | Feb 21st

Tracking the spread of viruses in live animal markets by building one in a lab; The largest turtle that ever lived had fighting horns on its shell; NASA's building a robot to explore Jupiter's moon Eu...Show More

54:11 | Jan 31st

Tracking coronaviruses post SARS — how science has made for rapid response; Wiring jellyfish for speed — what modding a sea creature can tell us about the ocean; Me-owch — could resting cat face tell ...Show More

54:11 | Jan 24th

Intermittent fasting — why not eating (for a bit) could work for weight loss and health; Brewing a better espresso with less coffee and more math; Bringing biology to bricks — concrete details on how ...Show More
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