Chameleon: Hollywood Con Queen

Chapter 1

46:45 | Oct 1st

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Chapter 1: The Hook Eddie, an aspiring film industry trainer, gets a  call from a powerful producer offering him the opportunity of a lifetime  -- a major film project, in Indonesia. But when Eddie ge...Show More


jhawthorne recommended:Oct 13th

Feels like the next big thing in scamming since 'Nigerian Prince'

mm recommended:Oct 11th

An aspiring Hollywood training was told to fly to Indonesia by Viacom CEO's wife for a major film production. He drops thousands of borrowed money (as gig workers do) to travel to get there, and finds out there's actually no film. The scam makes no sense at first glance when no actual money was bein...Show More

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🥜 Nuts
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😱 Horrifying
🤯 Unbeliveable
🕵️‍ Well-researched

phocks recommended:Oct 5th

I can tell this is going to be one of my favourite podcasts. What an incredible story and mystery.

I thought this episode was:

🤭 Dramatic
🧐 Intriguing
😲 Shocking
🤔 Thought-provoking

mmOct 11th

@phocks Started listening to this and I was like what?!? by the end of the first episode. Thanks for highlighting!